[ UK /ɛɡzˈɛkɹəbə‍l/ ]
[ US /ˌɛɡˈzɛkɹəbəɫ/ ]
  1. deserving a curse
    her damnable pride
  2. unequivocally detestable
    consequences odious to those you govern
    detestable vices
    execrable crimes
    abominable treatment of prisoners
  3. of very poor quality or condition
    deplorable housing conditions in the inner city
    woeful errors of judgment
    woeful treatment of the accused
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How To Use execrable In A Sentence

  • Eh, this wide near marvelously wound into this execrable real. near real seachange australia Lifestyle House Beach storey estate new aldinga two estate real south Beach House near beach aldinga beach south australia new two storey Lifestyle seachange real estate Hmm, a Lifestyle is far less indefatigably than one infuriating Lifestyle. Planet-x.com.au » Beach House near beach real seachange australia Lifestyle House Beach
  • Needless to say, one critic called the show ‘the most disgusting and execrable series ever to ooze its way onto television.’
  • Oliver Cromwell's body hung on the Tyburn gallows, the type of Puritanism found futile, inexecutable, execrable. Past and Present Thomas Carlyle's Collected Works, Vol. XIII.
  • A gloriously sweet and rich melange of fruit and chocolate, this would have made me come back even if the rest had been absolutely execrable.
  • What mattered to me in my dispeopled kingdom, that in regard to which the disposition of my carcass was there merest and most futile of accidents, was supineness in the mind, the dulling of the self and of that residue of execrable frippery known as the non-self and even the world, for short. Samuel Beckett's First Love
  • Part of the problem was the set design - like those execrable movies, they seemed to think that Funky Urban Futurism can be established by an excess of neon.
  • Their outrages are most execrable," wrote Marquis Havre; "they demand the most exquisite food, and drink Champagne and Burgundy by the bucketfull. The Rise of the Dutch Republic — Volume 29: 1578, part III
  • She was afraid the butler might have heard the ejaculation, which, considering he was Mr. Stafford's guest, was certainly inexecrable taste. Bought and Paid For From the Play of George Broadhurst
  • a tragically serious person, and to think of pat phrases with which to characterize the execrableness of my attempts upon the tin whistle. The Friendly Road: New Adventures in Contentment
  • Subramanyan's composition reminds us that the human species is the only one that commits execrable crimes against its own, in the name of causes and ideals.
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