How To Use Excreta In A Sentence

  • Human excreta - urine and feces - can be treated one of two ways, either aerobically (with oxygen) or anaerobically (without oxygen).
  • You get it by eating food contaminated with the excreta of people who are either infected themselves or who carry the germs.
  • To fathom the new reality it is first necessary to dismantle the drains, to lay open the gangrened ducts which compose the genitourinary system that supplies the excreta of art. Miller et matisse et moi
  • I noticed that much of nurses' time is spent on urine and excreta that get to the sheets.
  • Certain standards were well met, but still much potential for improvement in key procedures such as handwashing, use of isolation, and clearing up of excreta and other body fluids.
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  • Whole cliffs of guano, the soluble nitrogen-rich excreta of seabirds, had piled high on a few rainless islands off the shores of Peru.
  • The excreta not because of weightlessness, but will scatter to the installment outside.
  • The River itself is not a river as such but a flowing stream of the filth of humanity - dead bodies, excreta, garbage, waste products from your factories and other such facilities.
  • Of the fatal effects of the effluvia from the excreta it would seem unnecessary to speak, were they not so constantly neglected. Notes on Nursing: What It Is, and What It Is Not
  • For example, the dissolved organic matter absorbed by a bacterium is likely a mixture of that excreted by a primary producer and some from the viral lysis of another bacterium as well the excreta of yet another organism that fed on a herbivore or a primary producer. Marine microbes
  • It is not clear whether the hantavirus IgM positive individuals were from urban or rural settings and whether they had contact with rodents/rodent excreta.
  • Figure effluent · Liquid flowing out of a tank or sewage works. excreta · Faeces and urine. facultative anaerobe · Chapter 8
  • Scientists say one of the most significant causes of the decline of seagrasses and oxygen is both treated and untreated human excreta and animal waste.
  • The final limitation is that disposal of excreta was improved in some traditional houses, with 38% having private latrines.
  • The city forms its poisons which we call sewage and the body its poisons, which we call excreta (or carbonic acid, urea, uric acid, faeces, etc.) Evening Round Up More Good Stuff Like Pep
  • Infection of humans usually occurs by inhalation of these organisms from air that contains airborne barnyard dust contaminated by dried placental material, birth fluids, and excreta of infected herd animals.
  • An infestation can sometimes be recognized by blood stains and dark spots of excreta.
  • Wastewater is either sullage (greywater), which is wastewater from kitchens and bathrooms, or sewage (blackwater), which includes sullage and is settled wastewater containing parts of human excreta, and water-borne waste. Chapter 5
  • Trematode & cestode infections from high to nil, depending on the particular excreta, usage of effluent and other local circumstances Chapter 6
  • Excreta fertilized crops are, therefore, potential transmitters of A. Lumbricoides eggs where ascariasis is endemic. Chapter 6
  • Wolf spiders provide an interesting taxon to examine indirectly mediated predator-prey interactions because, in addition to excreta, they also leave a silk dragline behind them while moving through the environment.
  • Nor was the destruction delayed by placing choleraic excreta in or upon earth, dry or moist, or mixed with stagnant water. Scientific American Supplement, No. 458, October 11, 1884
  • Pets, especially their excreta and urine cause IAP.
  • Black water is contaminated with human excreta and discharges.
  • Treatment is only supportive, and the best prevention is to minimize contact with rodent excreta.
  • Adequate sources of potable water and sanitation (collection, disposal, and treatment of excreta and other liquid and solid wastes) must be equally accessible for all camp residents.
  • Humans can be infected by inhaling tiny droplets of virus-laden rodent excreta, eating contaminated food or simply by absorption through the skin.
  • The surroundings of the school are no longer dirty with excreta and odour of urine.
  • Fish package their excreta into a thin gelatinous tube before disposal.
  • The patient had known exposure to mouse excreta, and because hemorrhagic pneumonia had developed, hantavirus pulmonary syndrome was suspected.
  • It is emphasized that hands should be washed before eating, before feeding children, after defecation and after disposal of children's excreta.
  • Hospital transmission occurs through inadequate infection control measures. Strict isolation of cases and procedures for handling body fluids and excreta must be maintained.
  • No proper arrangement for disposal of excreta and other waste had been made where large numbers of people were staying in temporary camps.
  • When excessive fluid is generated in the system, it normally exits through sweat, urine and excreta.
  • Another example is the water-borne pathogen Cryptosporidium, a minute organism found in the excreta of farm animals.
  • SNV is transmitted to humans predominantly by inhalation of aerosolized viral particles from rodent excreta or saliva.
  • Urine, faeces and sweat have been described as the three main excretable products.
  • Urine, faeces and sweat have been described as the three main excretable products.

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