[ UK /ɛksklˈuːʒən/ ]
[ US /ɪkˈskɫuʒən/ ]
  1. the state of being excommunicated
  2. the state of being excluded
  3. the act of forcing out someone or something
    the child's expulsion from school
    the ejection of troublemakers by the police
  4. a deliberate act of omission
    with the exception of the children, everyone was told the news
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How To Use exclusion In A Sentence

  • Accompanying the exclusion from the labour market has been a policy of disenfranchising the underclass from full welfare citizenship.
  • Brief introduction of the quality manual for terms related to the exclusions and compliance, process description conformity, whether the reference program file.
  • On the basis of the existing study we tries to resurvey and explore the urban inclusion of peasant workers using the perspective of social exclusion.
  • He went on to scarify the same companies for being only interested in putting on the tried and the tested to the exclusion of modern works by Irish writers and composers.
  • To examine possible effects of predators on clam growth, I first compared variation in clam growth rate among habitats with different predation pressure, and between predator-exclusion cages and uncaged controls.
  • Third, this paper gives standard in reviewing of evidence in customs law enforcement, this is, legality, objectivity, adequacy, certifiable and the exclusion of illegal evidence, etc.
  • Various authors have indicated that the dehumanization of others by means of ascribing animal attributes to them is a way to legitimize their exploitation and their exclusion from civilized society.
  • Various hypotheses have been advanced for their formation, from geomorphological phenomena to plants having allelopathic exclusion effects to being animal-derived features. Kaokoveld desert
  • He has called capitalism 'an economy of exclusion by an idolatrous system of money'. Times, Sunday Times
  • Will the next millennium see man obsessed by athletic entertainment to the exclusion of other kinds of culture?
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