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[ UK /ɛksˈɛpʃənə‍l/ ]
[ US /ɪkˈsɛpʃənəɫ/ ]
  1. surpassing what is common or usual or expected
    a matter of particular and unusual importance
    a special reason to confide in her
    a special occasion
    what's so special about the year 2000?
    exceptional kindness
    he paid especial attention to her
  2. deviating widely from a norm of physical or mental ability; used especially of children below normal in intelligence
    special educational provisions for exceptional children
  3. far beyond what is usual in magnitude or degree
    the young Mozart's prodigious talents
    a night of exceeding darkness
    olympian efforts to save the city from bankruptcy
    an exceptional memory
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How To Use exceptional In A Sentence

  • The Israelis already possess them, operating disingenuously and outside international norms again, an exceptionalism granted by the United States’ favor andmight. The Volokh Conspiracy » Pro-Palestinian “Peace Activists”
  • This investment trust has delivered exceptional returns over the past few years by riding a wave of mergers, acquisitions and innovation. Times, Sunday Times
  • A few talented writers en dowed with originality and exceptional animation, a few brilliant efforts, isolated, without following, interrupted and recommenced, did not suffice to endow a nation with a solid and imposing basis of literary wealth. Literary and Philosophical Essays: French, German and Italian
  • The publication of Quantum Leaps is not a fluke; rather it is an exceptionally clear manifestation of the taint, stigma, and taboo surrounding the paranormal.
  • His exceptional talent at putting acrylics and oils together on board and letting them ooze is a lesson on how to do this kind of thing and all those kids in ARI-land should get down to the Wynne and check it out.
  • Promotion in the first year is only given in exceptional circumstances .
  • Constructed to an exceptionally high specification and standard, they have associated mechanical and electrical engineering services.
  • If he has managed to get rid of all the bad news, amounting to £1.3bn of exceptionals, which led to the company reporting a net loss of £1.02 bn, then there should be room for considerable upside in the group's fortunes over the next year.
  • In many areas, this year's bumper crop means exceptionally high removal of nutrients.
  • Figures like this are exceptional in the extreme and give a completely unrepresentative impression of the national picture.
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