[ US /ɪkˈsid/ ]
[ UK /ɛksˈiːd/ ]
  1. be or do something to a greater degree
    This car outperforms all others in its class
    She outdoes all other athletes
    her performance surpasses that of any other student I know
    This exceeds all my expectations
  2. be greater in scope or size than some standard
    Their loyalty exceeds their national bonds
  3. be superior or better than some standard
    She exceeded our expectations
    She topped her performance of last year
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How To Use exceed In A Sentence

  • Second, that the entire Reichstag assented to the declarations made by the speakers on Tuesday that the Emperor had exceeded his constitutional prerogatives in private discussion with foreigners concerning Germany's attitude on controverted questions. New York Times Current History: The European War from the Beginning to March 1915, Vol 1, No. 2 Who Began the War, and Why?
  • He was an exceedingly capable and highly regarded individual. Times, Sunday Times
  • And this is the cause that disputes with such persons are generally fruitless, especially as immixed with that intemporancy of reviling other men wherein they exceed; for if that be a way either of learning or teaching of the truth, it is what the Scripture hath not instructed us in. Pneumatologia
  • Shakedown analysis is a method which can be used to research the elastoplastic behavior of a structure under variable repeated loads that exceed the structure′s elastic limit load.
  • The results showed that cumulative OP exposure from about two-dozen foods often exceeded a child's acceptable Reference Dose (RfD).
  • This process, called supergene enrichment, can concentrate silver into exceedingly rich deposits at depth.
  • The maximum duration of residence, approved on each occasion, shall not exceed 3 years.
  • The Second Battle of Niagara Our dreams exceeding by thy bounteous spray.
  • Anybody who exceeds speed limits now will always exceed them, regardless of a post with a number on it.
  • Washington accused Dinwiddie of claiming that he had exceeded his authority by allowing batmen and transport for the officers of the Virginia Regiment. George Washington’s First War
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