How To Use Ex-president In A Sentence

  • Parliament decided last week to allocate the equivalent of 60 per cent of the current president's salary to Bulgaria's ex-presidents.
  • Mr Evans hopes the now ex-president will visit Westbury.
  • The freeze order also applies to the ex-president's wife, Suzanne, and their two sons and daughters-in-law. Egyptian Analyst: Mubarak Assets Key Test for Interim Government
  • The ex-President was under armed guard in the Palace.
  • Jimmy Carter, a living Democratic ex-president, wasn't even invited.
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  • Yet no one disputed the ex-president's fundamental premise.
  • Who was the last ex-president to refuse to take a vast donation for his library from a foreign government that he had helped when in office?
  • There's even a love story embedded in the ex-president's historical prose.
  • For some reason Field had taken what the Scotch call a scunner to ex-President Hayes, whom he regarded as a political Pecksniff. Eugene Field A Study In Heredity And Contradictions
  • The Human Rights new investigation will be based on the results of trials carried out during the regime of ex-president Suharto.
  • This indulgence, especially so on the part of an ex-president, is something of a mephitis, an abyssal seeking of ever lower depths and ever more perverse rhetorical indulgences. The Volokh Conspiracy » The Clinton Terror Bill
  • The friendship of the deli owner and the disgraced ex-president began in the early 1980s. Times, Sunday Times
  • But while that triangular confrontation was stupendously dramatic, the ex-president left with a token fine which was quashed on appeal.
  • Once on the road again we passed Montelimar -- "_le pays du nougât et de M. l'ex-President Loubet, _" we were told by the _octroi_ official who held us up at the barrier of this self-sufficient, dead-and-alive, pompous little town. The Automobilist Abroad
  • Earlier the ex-president appeared at a police station near his home here.
  • On the night of 15 September 1972, the ex-president of Uganda, Milton Obote, planned an invasion to oust Idi Amin.
  • Some of the panels seemed uneven with a predictable discourse but speeches by Turkey's Foreign Minister and Brazil's ex-President Lula livened it up. Danny Schechter: Report From Doha: Al Jazeera Debates the "Winds Of Change"
  • This is looking to be a long week of non-stop deceased ex-president tributes.
  • Carter was responding to a question about the now-famous photo of President Obama with the four living ex-presidents -- Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush and Carter -- in which Carter appeared alone and off to the side while the others seemed to converse collegially. 44: Carter: My role is 'superior'
  • The presidency is difficult enough to run at the best of times, without installing a former first lady and an ex-president in the vice-president's residence.
  • *** Americas Haitians voted as a popular singer and a former first lady vied to be the next president of the beleaguered nation, amid misgivings over the election's validity fueled by the return from exile of the populist ex-President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. World Watch
  • There's nothing wrong with tradition, says ex-president Liu, who came from the sales side.
  • A Labour ex-president gets airlifted to a prime spot every time.
  • When TR bolts the Republican Party in 1912 after losing the nomination to the incumbent, William Howard Taft and then runs for president on the radical Bull Moose platform, Mr. Morris focuses on a would-be assassin, John Schrank, who tracks Roosevelt from city to city, finally shooting the ex-president in Milwaukee at close range. Bull Moose In Twilight
  • The ex-President, although shorn of his official powers, still has a lot of influence.
  • The investigators still cite the "cancer of corruption" denounced by James Wolfensohn, an ex-president of the World Bank, in 1996.
  • Lobbying foreign governments to subvert the diplomatic efforts of a sitting president is something ex-presidents simply do not do.
  • Aren't all the most fashion-forward ex-presidents carrying Tanner Krolle this season?
  • The ex-President was under armed guard in the Palace.
  • The Ex-Presidents Club, after all, does not look kindly on intramural criticism.
  • The ex-President, although shorn of his official powers, still has a lot of influence.
  • One of Ben Ali's lawyers told the Associated Press the ex-president will plead not guilty.
  • The ex-President was under armed guard in the Palace.
  • Ex-president Clinton famously evaded a question regarding his exploitation of women in subordinate positions by responding "it all depends on the meaning of the word 'is'. October 3rd, 2009
  • For the ex-president there is also the part of his personality that hungers to convert enemies into friends, critics into colleagues.
  • Despite past criticism for being weak-kneed and soft on dictators, the ex-President has advocated persevering in negotiations even with those nations Washington views as hostile.
  • Even in less partisan times than these, friendships between ex-presidents from opposite sides of the aisle are very rare.
  • Rahman had been a senior member of the Jamiat e-Islami party, led by ex-president Burhanuddin Rabbani.
  • A sitting president can, however, veto the release of an ex-president's papers.
  • Perhaps more telling than Bill Clinton’s self - investigation is a subsidiary detail: He also asked his staffers to compile an exhaustive list of his achievements, which must be about as close to the creation of a résumé as ex-presidents get, and betrays a longing to return to the presidential campaign trail that Al Gore overcautiously denied him. Running Mate
  • An ex-president of the Soviet Union has frequently come out against the use of nuclear weapons.
  • Famously his deeds out of office earned him the tribute that he was a better ex-president than an incumbent.
  • The ex-presidents were appointed by President Bush to head up a fund-raising effort for the region, where nearly 175,000 people were killed.
  • The interview runs under the heading "Our worst ex-president."
  • U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in a statement called Havel "an inspiration" to human-rights defenders around the world while singer Lou Reed, whose band the Velvet Underground had an influence on Havel, wrote on his webpage that the ex-president was a "true hero in a world bereft. -- Top News
  • Every ex-president has a library where the papers from his time in office are stored.
  • The ex-President, although shorn of his official powers, still has a lot of influence.

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