How To Use Evilly In A Sentence

  • The class burst with laughter at her response while Sherry and Mandy cackled on evilly, thinking that Livinia was in for it.
  • It wad be better telling ye to answer ceevilly a ceevil question, my birkie. A Daughter of Raasay A Tale of the '45
  • They act evilly in collusion with each other , compelling us to make RMB Appreciation.
  • Fedallah Personal Description: Tall, swart, with one white tooth evilly protruding from his steel-like lips.
  • One pulsed and spiralled in its evilly glorious lambency of sparkling plumes. The Moon Pool
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  • Ranging unstoppably across disciplines and topics, Fisher here sends up the "earnest addicts of stone-ground, hand-trampled, nature-cured and inevitably mildewed and weevilly buckwheat groats," a passage found in the chapter "J is for Juvenile dining. The Romantical She
  • McEvilly teed up midfielder Ged Brannan for a decent long range shot that goalkeeper Andy Ralph stopped.
  • In 2008, however, having exiled himself for a decade -- long enough for even hard-core politix watchers to forget how arrogantly and evilly he acts when he has power -- look for him at the Bisquick Pancake Presidential Primary Flip-off (I love whoever invented that name) in New Hampshire, grinningly jostling a frying pan, sandwiched between Giuliani and Rice. Davis Sweet: Newt's "Insurgents"
  • Red eyes cut across to look at her evilly and she simply smiled, blue eyes twinkling up at him.
  • Susana Tosca smiled evilly, and declared: "I will introduce you not as a narratologist nor a ludologist, but a hedonist. The Hedonist
  • grin evilly
  • It was as large as a pig, and its eight thick hairy legs drove its ogreish body over the floor at headlong pace; its four evilly gleaming eyes shone with a horrible intelligence, and its fangs dripped venom that Conan knew, from the burning of his shoulder where only a few drops had splashed as the thing struck and missed, was laden with swift death. Wings in the Night

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