How To Use Evidentiary In A Sentence

  • Would you read onto the record the affidavits that contain the evidentiary material that is before us?
  • evidentiary technique
  • When I refer to ‘defence’ there, I mean it is an evidentiary burden cast on the accused which is in the nature of exculpation, justification or vindication.
  • Would you read onto the record the affidavits that contain the evidentiary material that is before us?
  • The process includes an "evidentiary hearing," perhaps like the cephalosporin advances. Martha Rosenberg: Arsenic, Antibiotics and Asthma Drugs in Your Turkey?
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  • The Court held that the city had to afford each owner an evidentiary hearing.
  • Also all the clothes in the hamper, since police like that for evidentiary as well as shock value. LEGAL TENDER
  • Their evidentiary pièce de résistance is an 1870 portrait of Alcott that shows the characteristic malar, or butterfly, rash of lupus. Louisa May Alcott
  • an evidentiary fact
  • Chapter two generalizes certain distinctive characteristics of evidence litigation in respect of ship's collision at sea in view of the judge's evidentiary admissibility and weight.
  • Can you not establish the evidentiary matters by subpoenas ad test to get witnesses who can depose?
  • Needless to say, it was much easier to try Saddam Hussein on some deaths for which there was not the kind of evidentiary tracing of evidence as was the case regarding others. "Mr. Rumsfeld, when did Saddam Hussein become evil?"
  • He filed suit, seeking a pretermination evidentiary hearing under the due process clause.
  • I think Joeo gets at an important aspect of this: the perception of risk and causality is both moralized and lacking in evidentiary basis … and it’s precisely * because* it’s moralized in a sexist way that the “common sense” causality and statistics go unquestioned. Safety and Sexism
  • Trial courts are given deferential review of case-specific types of determinations — most obviously factual determinations, and equally importantly, questions of trial procedure such as evidentiary rulings that have no broader significance beyond that particular case. The Volokh Conspiracy » Standards of Review and Institutional Roles — Some Thoughts on Chad Oldfather’s “Universal De Novo Review”:
  • The trial judge's succinct reasons refer to many salient evidentiary points.
  • The FCC granted the first license. application without hearing, then set the other down evidentiary hearing.
  • In my respectful view, the evidentiary predicate required to sustain the order that the applicants stand trial was present.
  • Now, may I just take your Honours to some short passages in the first book to make good, as it were, what I am saying in an evidentiary sense.
  • There are also, however, state-law evidentiary privileges that enable one to prevent his or her spouse (or sometimes even ex-spouse) to testify against one in a criminal case.
  • Until the evidentiary threshold of proof beyond a reasonable doubt is reached, the judge and the Constitution order the jury to acquit.
  • There is no factual, theoretic, historical or evidentiary basis for – Matthew Yglesias » Was Health Reform a Political Blunder? How Could We Know?
  • In the total disregard of these basic rights as citizens, one is forced to take sides on the basis of informed speculation only rather than corroborative documents and evidentiary material.
  • We do not believe that definitive conclusions can be reached on so obviously inadequate an evidentiary record.
  • Any complaints about the plaintiff's evidentiary frailties merged with the offer.
  • Well, the second week of defense testimony began much like last week did, in closed-door evidentiary hearings.
  • It may be said that there is an evidentiary onus on an accused person in raising a defence of alibi.
  • There is no factual, theoretic, historical or evidentiary basis for “fiscal stimulus” or money dilution as cures for economic disasters. Matthew Yglesias » Was Health Reform a Political Blunder? How Could We Know?
  • The sole suspect has been released because of what police call evidentiary issues. CNN Transcript Jul 10, 2003
  • Even more critically, there is only a limited evidentiary basis upon which to consider any award of occupation rent.
  • Facts: A welfare recipient's benefits were terminated without an evidentiary hearing.
  • It is not for an appellate court to revisit evidentiary findings of the trial judge absent an error in law as to how such evidence is to be considered.
  • And I think that when you have a situation where they were killing people from such a distance, there was really not the kind of evidentiary collection that we're normally used to. CNN Transcript Nov 10, 2009
  • its evidentiary value
  • The Board did not misinterpret or misapply the evidentiary burden cast on the Respondent.
  • I sent the letter to Mr. Geragos asking him to explain to me in no uncertain terms the evidentiary value of a watering can, a wedding dress, a college diploma, journals and 21 other items. CNN Transcript May 30, 2003
  • (where “This Thing In Your Book” = something coherent, thoughtful, and actually evidentiary of the fact that you read the furshlugginer book with something approximating attention.) Let's Pretend We're Real Writers!
  • So I take it you are an expert in Turkish evidentiary law? The Volokh Conspiracy » Israeli Version of Ship Incident
  • It may be said that there is an evidentiary onus on an accused person in raising a defence of alibi.
  • After conclusion of the evidentiary stage of the voir dire, the status of transcript 4 was raised with the judge.
  • It includes the originating summons and the writ of habeas corpus that were filed in that court and/or the evidentiary material before that court.
  • Probing into the legal force regarding the object of evidentiary admissibility and weight in respect of ships collision at sea, definitely is based on the evi...
  • Racial Discrimination in the Workplace: In dissent, Alito argued for imposing an evidentiary burden on victims of employment discrimination that, according to the majority, would have "eviscerated" legal protections under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. In particular, the majority said that Alito's position would protect employers from suit even in situations where the employer's belief that it had selected the "best" candidate "was the result of conscious racial bias. The Courts
  • There are four problems with this evidentiary basis for the trial judge's conviction.
  • They cannot be reduced to neat legal formulas, purely objective tests and evidentiary standards.
  • Overlawyered is reporting the large numbers of doctors who are headed to Texas after the state implemented tort reform, and the disappearance of a large number of cases from the Texas court system after certain evidentiary standards were introduced in asbestos trials. How To Deal With The Cost Of Medicine « Tai-Chi Policy
  • It is somewhat difficult to compare the standard of proof required because the evidentiary rules are not strictly applied before a disciplinary tribunal.
  • Most beginning assignments tend to result in evidentiary images. Archive 2006-10-01
  • All electronic communication, regardless of the medium, is now potential evidentiary fact in our litigious society.

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