How To Use Every quarter In A Sentence

  • Every quarter-miler knows the feeling of that pain in the last 50m, but we know we can run through it. Times, Sunday Times
  • The sky grows dark in every quarter, most ominously.
  • This they repeat every quarter of an hour, insomuch that a single last of herrings requires five hundred billets to dry them.
  • Here are paintings by the old masters and the new; rare furniture and marbles from Italian palaces; screens from Japan; jewels and rugs from the Orient; silk stockings, curios, china, bronzes, hats, furs; and again more curios, cabinets, statues, paintings; things rare and beautiful and exotic from every quarter of the globe, "from silken Samarcand to cedared Lebanon. Penguin Persons & Peppermints
  • Today's head-to-heads are truly mouth-watering, with champions in every quarter, just eight to emerge for Sunday.
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  • Her travels had taken her to every quarter of the globe.
  • The GDP growth rate touched new heights every quarter.
  • For example, telephone charges are normally billed to customers every quarter in retrospect.
  • Before every quarterly conference the class leader visited each member, collected his quarterage, and issued to members of good standing tickets which allowed them to partake of communion.
  • Now executives treat the plan as a work in progress, giving it a thorough once-over every quarter and reviewing some parts weekly.
  • Pushing the number of unit sales up every quarter can't be continued indefinitely.
  • The air was filled with the noise and clatter of servants and maids from every quarter.
  • Our database is updated every quarter.
  • The State Council has stipulated that each province, municipality and autonomous region must report on traffic safety every quarter.
  • For the last 107 years, the passing of every quarter of an hour has been marked by a peal of bells at a South Yorkshire church.
  • He's the player every quarterback finds as step one in pre-snap reads to predict what kind of coverage he may see once the ball is snapped.
  • Hence a wind is said to box the compass when it blows from every quarter in rapid succession.
  • Yesterday he blew Alberto Martin off the court with a combination of a walloping forehand and a wish to play in every quarter of the court.
  • Corporations repurchased their own shares at record rates so that net equity issues were negative in every quarter but one throughout the end of 2000.
  • Pictures of litterbugs could also be published in the council's newspaper, which is distributed free every quarter to more than 200,000 homes.
  • Hands were wrung in every quarter at the prospect of homosexuals making a mess of this fine, strong outfit.
  • We should not flatter ourselves that the enjoyment of the delights of bibliomania was reserved to one time and generation; a greater than any of us lived many centuries ago, and went his bibliomaniacal way, gathering together treasures from every quarter, and diffusing every where a veneration and love for books. The Love Affairs of a Bibliomaniac
  • Paxton's fairy palace of glass and iron, erected in Hyde Park, and canopying in its glittering spaces the untouched, majestic elms of that national pleasure-ground as well as the varied treasures of industrial and artistic achievement brought from every quarter of the globe, divided the charmed astonishment of foreign spectators with the absolute orderliness of the myriads who thronged it and crowded all its approaches on the great opening day. Great Britain and Her Queen
  • After it gushes from the fountain in the temple precinct, the water is lifted by shadoof, water wheels, to the gardens of the palace, or sent by canals to every quarter of the city. ' Warlock
  • Her travels had taken her to every quarter of the globe.Sentence dictionary
  • As well as re-orging every quarter the corporate wizards also like us to have a desk shuffle on a regular basis, making you feel much like a character at the mad hatters tea party.
  • The boys and Herbert would have been content to sit with their shoulders hutched up, staring at their boots, going every quarter of an hour to the front-door to see if it were raining as hard there as it was out of the salon window, and Evelyn only wanted to be left in silence with her headache. The Third Miss Symons
  • Take a quartern of flour or more if you have occasion, and to every quartern of flour put a pound of butter, and a little salt, knead it with boiling water, then work it very well, and let it lie whilst it is cold.
  • Every quarter the EU, the IMF and the European Central Bank (ECB) scrutinise Greece before releasing the next chunk of money.
  • She has outraised the incumbent senator every quarter since announcing her candidacy.
  • His mind had not that reach and elemental movement of Milton's, which, like the tradewind, gathered to itself thoughts and images like stately fleets from every quarter; some deep with silks and spicery, some brooding over the silent thunders of their battailous armaments, but all swept forward in their destined track, over the long billows of his verse, every inch of canvas strained by the unifying breath of their common epic impulse. Among My Books Second Series
  • Pushing the number of unit sales up every quarter can't be continued indefinitely.
  • From every quarter throbbed peepers and katydids and locusts.
  • I get an electricity bill every quarter.
  • When they had reduced the foe sufficiently, the formation was to open up, englobe the survivors, and deal death on them from every quarter. The Game Of Empire
  • Instead of the elegant simplicity which once characterized this sweet secluded retreat, an air of voluptuousness reigned in every quarter: the paintings, the artfully concealed recesses in which the sofas were placed, the mirrors — all, in short, evinced a taste repugnant to the nicer feelings of true female delicacy — all breathed a fascinating influence, rather calculated to derange the virtuous sensations of the heart, rather than to render them more permanent. Stella of the North, or the Foundling of the Ship
  • Our database is updated every quarter.
  • Appraisals will be changed from once-a-year events to ongoing processes with short formal reviews every quarter or six months.
  • In fact, here's what two African American residents wrote to a Boston abolitionist not long after the day in 1846 when Alexandrians (white, male) voted to approve the return of their city to Virginia, an act called retrocession: "[The] poor colored people of this city ... were standing in rows on either side of the Court House, and, as the votes were announced every quarter of an hour, the suppressed wailings and lamentations of the people of color were constantly ascending to God for help and succor, in this the hour of their need. The slave trade and Alexandria's withdrawal from D.C.
  • The canals were packed with gay barges, houses flaunted in bunting and floral decorations, and a festive air was prevalent in every quarter of the city. Jacqueline of the Carrier-Pigeons
  • Net capital inflows to the US have been positive in every quarter since the start of 1996, representing a genuine demand for US assets that would resume on a growth recovery.
  • Appraisals will be changed from once-a-year events to ongoing processes with short formal reviews every quarter or six months.
  • The church-clock on the cliffs had struck four times; a deep-toned, weary bell, that tolled for every quarter, and must often have been heard, at dead of night, by dying men, drowning unshriven and unhouselled. Wisdom, Wit, and Pathos of Ouida Selected from the Works of Ouida
  • Actually, the amount of Schadenfreude from every quarter - from the rich, from the poor, from the arts establishment, from the ignorant - has been overwhelming.

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