How To Use Evariste galois In A Sentence

  • Évariste Galois, the mathematician died in a duel at the age of 20. Everybody Beats Mozart (Except Those who Don't)
  • Bond-like hero than erudite belletrist, alluding as nonchalantly to Rage Against the Machine and Bart Simpson as he does 19th century radical French mathematician évariste Galois and René Top Stories
  • The notion that someone like Évariste Galois or Emmy Noether and they really do need to be mentioned in the same breath might be out there, but bored to tears by a math class they comprehended long ago or discouraged by various factors, is really astonishing to behold. Archive 2008-09-01
  • Historians of mathematics may derive some satisfaction from the fact that, though it was the death of General Lamarque which caused the outbreak of revolt, tension had already been raised by the murky death of the revolutionary mathematician Évariste Galois a few days earlier. The Internets
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