How To Use Eurydice In A Sentence

  • Eurydice lay on the ground, gasping for breath, blood pumping from her body in crimson fountains, a flechette buried deep in her chest. Eurydice Redux | Heretical Ideas Magazine
  • Further, Act I introduces two occasions for incest, not one: the consummated incest of Oedipus and Jocasta, mother-son incest; and the potential, though ultimately unperformed, incest between Creon and Eurydice, uncle-niece incest.
  • The Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice is a jewel for creative interpretation.
  • Orpheus retrieves Eurydice from the underworld on the condition that he not look back at her shadow until both have emerged from the vale of Avernus.
  • To resort to a metaphor, drawn from mythology, we have, in Eurydice twice lost, the most potent image we can find of the relation between Orpheus the analyst and the unconscious.
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  • I could not turn my head as Eurydice and Lot's wife had turned their heads, with such tragic results. I'LL TAKE YOU THERE
  • InneBunt igttur choreas, & carmina mfcent Dulcia: at Eurydice tenero dat lummajomno. Reverendissimi patris Fr. Francisci de Macedo ... Carmina selecta
  • At least Orpheus had known where Eurydice was when he had gone in search of her. DREAMS OF INNOCENCE
  • They sing their tales, including the rape of Proserpina, in dactylic pentameter, as does Orpheus when he charms the king and queen of Hades with his appeal to retrieve Eurydice.
  • Choreographed to the 1947 Stravinsky score, Orpheus cleverly deploys six dancers to dramatise the story of Orpheus and Eurydice, with a chorus of living characters (Orpheus's friends/chorus) and the inhabitants of the underworld (Death and Furies). This week's new dance
  • Eurydice picks flowers for her wedding garland and is fatally bitten by the snake.
  • Think of ‘after the poem’ as a consequence of reading, a further poem made necessary and delightful ‘because of it,’ alive by means which mean to continue and never to return Eurydice to the hateful Shades.
  • Handsome mosaic floors, three aisles, and a semicircular apse give it the look of a church, but stucco friezes on the walls show Orpheus leading Eurydice back from Hades, Heracles rescuing Hesione from the sea monster, and other scenes of mythological deliverance. Underground Rome
  • At least Orpheus had known where Eurydice was when he had gone in search of her. DREAMS OF INNOCENCE
  • And while she rescued her drugged Eurydice, her laughter echoed up and down throughout the oubliettes, bouncing back under the high ceiling and between the narrow walls.
  • In the myth of the Orpheus / Eurydice saga, Orpheus was given a dispensation by Pluto to return his wife from the underworld (she had been bitten by a poisonous serpent and died).
  • Like Orpheus bringing Eurydice out of the underworld, it seems the novelist cannot look directly at love without losing it.

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