How To Use Eurocentric In A Sentence

  • The visit March 17-23 will mark the first trip to Africa for a pope who has sometimes been described as Eurocentric, and it launches a series of important church events in 2009 focusing on the African continent. CNS latest top stories
  • The Eurocentric ideology exists in almost all the commonwealth literary works, in which the East is represented biasedly and the Eastern people are marginalized.
  • She'd heard Avery give all the arguments, but most of those arguments were what she'd have called Eurocentric chauvinism. Darksong Rising
  • Globalization differs from modernization by relinquishing a Eurocentric teleology to accommodate the possibility of different historical trajectories in the unfolding of modernity.
  • This is evident not only in the imposition of an alien, Eurocentric repressive moral code, but also in acts of violence and sexual exploitation.
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  • Athens is credited through the Eurocentric perspective as the home of democracy as a political system.
  • Now, in the epoch of multiculturalism, the offenders are accused of being Eurocentric or of exhibiting cultural arrogance.
  • Yet this is a very narrow, Eurocentric point of view; as a cultural entity vampires are an ancient, worldwide phenomenon.
  • Like Barbara Kingsolver in The Poisonwood Bible, Gregory seeks to decenter a Eurocentric viewpoint.
  • I like the thinking that in theory lies behind the term Eurocentric -- the elementary but surprising idea that others may look at the world differently from the way we do. Discarding the Post-Colonial Other: A Vindication of Plain Speaking
  • Over the last few years, interest in literary predecessors has justifiably fallen into disfavor among comparatists for being Eurocentric and essentialist.
  • (a) He's still got what might in another guise be called a Eurocentric perspective - his world systems theory of core / semi-periphery / periphery - which I think has lost some of its explanatory value with the relative decline of the US (only some, mind you, and the tables in Wade are worth a look); Larvatus Prodeo
  • Dalrymple may yet use "Eurocentric," but I suspect he has too much respect for his work so sully discussion of it with abstractions like that. Discarding the Post-Colonial Other: A Vindication of Plain Speaking
  • Another option is that it's a somewhat sophomoric, eurocentric brand of feminism incapable, through its own misinformed liberalism, of recognising anyone other than white, anglophone males as the enemy.
  • His seminal book postulated that depictions of the East by Western painters and writers had a Eurocentric, colonialist subtext.
  • Black feminists have critiqued its repressive gender politics while not always recognizing that the sexual and racial politics of black nationalism are as deeply flawed as those of Eurocentric nationalism.
  • Like Barbara Kingsolver in The Poisonwood Bible, Gregory seeks to decenter a Eurocentric viewpoint.
  • Eurocentric culture, race, gender, and social class are matters which are increasingly delimiting in the search for universal expressions of transcendent and immanent experience.
  • The course will teach various cultural perspectives of marriage, such as Eurocentric and Asian views, Mott said. Seton Hall Gay Marriage Class 'Troubles' Newark Archbishop
  • The disagreement on the creation of Chinese School in fact is Eurocentric, which results in the dilemma of disciplinary "aphasia".
  • You say "Eurocentric" -- which isn't really even a word -- as if it's a bad thing. Public Comment for Wednesday
  • This was equally so in Southwest Asia, that in Eurocentric terminology was in colonial times miscalled the ‘Near East’.
  • Also, the genre has become so immured in an Anglo-American nostalgia for a European past that it's refreshing to find a non-Eurocentric example of an alternate-world fantasy novel.
  • Many such analytical simplicities must change; particularly because they are predicated on Eurocentric assumptions.
  • He studied architecture at the University of British Columbia as an undergraduate and earned a master's in architecture from the University of California at Berkeley -- where he was given a teaching job in ethnic studies after students, angry about Vietnam, protested for a less Eurocentric curriculum. Profile of Vancouver architect Bing Thom
  • I've had discussions with friends about art and conclude their views are "Eurocentric," after a lengthy discussion comparing art from different countries, periods and genres. Discarding the Post-Colonial Other: A Vindication of Plain Speaking
  • One advantage of a discussion in person is that if someone says, "Eurocentric," I can say, "What do you mean by that? Discarding the Post-Colonial Other: A Vindication of Plain Speaking
  • The term "Afrocentric" means exactly what the name implies, "African centered" as opposed to the Eurocentric foundation on which westerncivilization was built. Afrocentrism for Dummies (and other Conservatives)

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