[ US /ˈjukɫɪd/ ]
  1. Greek geometer (3rd century BC)
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How To Use Euclid In A Sentence

  • His commentary to Euclid is of interest because of its discussion of unordered irrationals.
  • Saccheri then studied the hypothesis of the acute angle and derived many theorems of non-Euclidean geometry without realising what he was doing.
  • Now the problem which had perplexed Bolyai most in his study of mathematics had been the independence of Euclid's Fifth postulate.
  • Euclid wished to discover whether there existed a simple geometrical proportionality between the apparent size of equal and parallel lines and their distances from the eye.
  • Now, if Judge Douglas will demonstrate somehow that this is popular sovereignty, —the right of one man to make a slave of another, without any right in that other, or anyone else to object, —demonstrate it as Euclid demonstrated propositions, —there is no objection. Speech of Hon. Abraham Lincoln
  • In Borken's messily vital urban context of supermarkets, small houses and traffic roundabouts, the bank's simple Euclidean form is a reassuringly calm, rooted presence.
  • For example, Spinoza's Ethics has the same format as Euclid's Elements, containing propositions and demonstrations.
  • Squared Euclidean distances were utilized in order to maximize the dissimilarity of unlike clusters.
  • His interest in mathematics was stimulated during his school years in Izmir by a teacher who encouraged him to solve problems in euclidean geometry.
  • Euclidean geometry, Fibonacci numbers, the digits of pi, the notion of algorithms, concepts of infinity, fractals, and other ideas furnished the mathematical underpinnings.
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