How To Use Ethyl ether In A Sentence

  • The rice is washed by diethyl ether before coating vegetable oil. The solvent, dosage of oil and dosage of sample were selected by orthogonal design.
  • In addition, occupational causes include radon in indoor environments, arsenic, asbestos, chromates, chloromethyl ethers, nickel, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, and other agents.
  • The caffein is usually extracted from the beans by benzol or chloroform, but a variety of solvents may be employed, such as petrolic ether, water, alcohol, carbon tetrachloride, ethylene chloride, acetone, ethyl ether, or mixtures or emulsions of these. All About Coffee
  • When Glass Petal Smoke asked him if there was a little heliotropin in the mix Kaiser responded with scientific precision, This heliotropin related note is mainly generated by the interaction of the main constituent hydroquinone dimethyl ether with beta-ionone including derivatives and methyl cinnamate. Archive 2009-05-01
  • I liken the part played by thoria in respect of the alcohols to that of sulphuric acid in the classical mechanism, known as Williamson's method, for the production of diethyl ether or ethylene. Paul Sabatier - Nobel Lecture
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  • The lipid was redissolved in diethyl ether that was then re-evaporated under nitrogen to complete dryness.
  • The animals were anesthetized with diethyl ether, and their abdomens were opened by a midline incision.
  • Reaction kinetics of synthesis of propylene oxide(PO) and methanol(ROH) to form propylene glycol monomethyl ether(PM) using LA-2 catalysts has been studied.
  • If excess methanol is heated with concentrated sulfuric acid one molecule of water is eliminated from two molecules of methanol to produce dimethyl ether.
  • Conclusion: The new compound was identified as paeoniflorin-4-ethyl ether, which may be an artifact produced during extraction proved by simulate experiment.
  • In the recent past dentists were instrumental in the introduction of diethyl ether and nitrous oxide.
  • The animals were anesthetized with diethyl ether, and their abdomens were opened by a midline incision.
  • The hexane was evaporated under a gentle stream of nitrogen gas before adding 0.1 ml of ethyl ether and 0.1 ml 0.1 M of KOH in methanol and heating the samples for 5 min at 50°.
  • For Bchl and Chl dissolved in diethyl ether, toluene, acetone, ethanol and acetonitrile, the Mg atom was found to be pentacoordinated, whereas it was hexacoordinated in dioxane, tetrahydrofuran, pyridine and methanol.
  • Typical examples are aromatic ketones such as acetophenone, benzophenone, benzoin ethyl ether and benzyl dimethyl ketal.
  • Cocrystals were obtained from solutions containing 14% PEG 5000 monomethyl ether (w/v) (MME), 200 mM potassium acetate, 100 mM NaCl and 100 mM sodium cacodylate (pH 6.3). PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles
  • Blue Fuel, a chemical compound called dimethyl ether, takes excess carbon dioxide from natural gas plants, combines it with water, energy, and the appropriate conductive material and produces a clean-burning fuel that has a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.
  • Filtered cells were washed by centrifugation, twice with acetone and twice with diethyl ether.
  • We were looking to make a commercially viable 'cool-off' product, and came across a cooling substance called dimethyl ether," says Hiroya Iida , an operations representative at Iida. Dog Days of Summer in Japan Call for Quirky Ways to Stay Cool
  • All Reagent grade tetrahydrofuran (THF) and diethyl ether (Et2O) were distilled under nitrogen over sodium benzophenone ketyl. Next Big Future

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