How To Use Ethnarch In A Sentence

  • In lieu thereof, he created him ethnarch, and as such permitted him to govern nine years.
  • The respect in which the synedrial president was held rapidly increased; like Christian patriarchs under Mahometan rule, he was also recognised by the imperial government as the municipal head of the Jews of Palestine, and bore the secular title of the old high priests (nasi, ethnarch, patriarch). Prolegomena
  • He was now virtually the ethnarch of all Armenians in the diaspora, but found time to write some 21 books and articles.
  • They stayed in the comfortable coolness of the house of the chief ethnarch, though these days he was a Roman citizen, and pretended he was more at ease being called a duumvir than an ethnarch. The Grass Crown
  • the election of Makarios III to archbishop gave him the status of the ethnarch of Cyprus
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  • The ethnarch would understand the danger represented by the rebellious sect.
  • For supporting Julius Caesar they were rewarded well: Hyrcanus was made ethnarch as well as High Priest and Antipater was made procurator of Judea.
  • The king's ethnarch, Orybas, likes people who work and pay taxes.

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