1. archaic terms for a wedding or wedding feast
  2. the act of accepting with approval; favorable reception
    its adoption by society
    the proposal found wide acceptance
  3. the act of becoming betrothed or engaged
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How To Use espousal In A Sentence

  • February 21st, 2009 at 12: 19 pm mr. yglesias, your espousal of mcdonalds does a disservice to the children who may peruse the content of your web journal, and so be further inclined toward consumption of unsalubrious items! best, Matthew Yglesias » McDonald’s Or Starbucks
  • The danger posed by any expansionist authoritarian regime is proportional to its strength, not its espousal of democratic principles.
  • The espousal was a ceremony of betrothing, a formal agreement between the parties then coming under obligation for the purpose of marriage. Easton's Bible Dictionary
  • The precondition for the emergence of the police officer as a credible figure was the professionalization of the police, and their espousal of the important social mandate of crime control.
  • But his pride found some consolation in reflecting that, he and his son-in-law having been so lately in arms against government, it might give matter of reasonable fear and offence to the ruling powers if they were to collect together the kith, kin, and allies of their houses, arrayed in effeir of war, as was the ancient custom of Scotland on these occasions -- 'And, without dubitation,' he concluded with a sigh, 'many of those who would have rejoiced most freely upon these joyful espousals are either gone to a better place or are now exiles from their native land.' Waverley
  • If ever a group of people damaged a cause by their espousal of it, these were the guys.
  • Indeed, in their passionate espousal of British values, they were in some ways more British than the British.
  • The old mode of espousals was by subarrhation.
  • Eventually, and one can speculate that because of Marxist ideologies, Germany and the Soviet Union provided espousal, the latter worried about a Japanese invasion of Siberia. A rainy day in Shanghai
  • The rapid expansion of the lighting and metalwork side of Benson's business was much aided by his enthusiastic espousal of new technology.
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