How To Use Espial In A Sentence

  • [Berozoua Vstia.] 8 Item, if you shall vnderstand as you are outwards bound, that the enemie is gone before you to S. Nicholas, remember what aduice hath bene giuen you for your stay at Berozoua Vstia, till you haue by espials viewed and vnderstood the forces, and the manner of their abode at that place. The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques and Discoveries of the English Nation
  • One might understand espial which is itself a troubling hapax to refer to the father of Laris Thefarie, which is the traditional way of naming people in Etruscan inscriptions. Etruscan inscription REE 59,1993
  • Based on the above picture, could it be possible that espial is a faulty transcription for what is to be read estial with the letter tau instead of pi? Archive 2009-05-01
  • Among the crowd entering the exhibition he could easily keep her in sight without risk of his espial being detected.
  • The inscription REE 59,1993 is often transcribed thus: ecn : turce : laris : θefries : espial : atial : caθas Archive 2009-05-01
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  • Stephen C. Carlson: "By the way, did you mean to have 'espial' in your alternative rendering? Etruscan inscription REE 59,1993
  • May 17 Corrected typo at the transcription at the very bottom from espial to estial. Archive 2009-05-01
  • By the way, did you mean to have "espial" in your alternative rendering? Etruscan inscription REE 59,1993
  • Likely scoopful no menura for the truculent loutish on this web shrub, but does arcadic crete of the mouthful colonizer dangerously forgivably each. of my cherokee lampyridae fickleness from my uncured propanal, wedlock, trombiculid, and espial from my destitution. Rational Review
  • Wide industry adoption (OSGi -- see -- Espial, Echelon).
  • Presently he moved forward, and, with head still bent, approached the lower end of the garden, where, in a wall higher than that over which Goldthorpe made his espial, there was a wooden door.
  • Looking at the photograph, I agree that estial seems to be a better transcription than espial. Etruscan inscription REE 59,1993

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