How To Use Eschatology In A Sentence

  • Even Christian eschatology and theology stood against this perception.
  • By contrast, the sort of Church that Montanus offered was one of ecstatic prophecy, immediate eschatology, ascetic moral rigorism, and, at the same time, institutional chaos.
  • John Howard Goddard, "The Contribution of John Nelson Darby to Soteriology, Ecclesiology, and Eschatology, " (Th. D. Dissertation from Dallas Theological Seminary, 1948), p. 85.
  • Indeed, despite Calvins Augustinian avoidance of historically oriented eschatology," writes Robin Bruce Barnes, "the hint of progressivism in his thought left the way open for the frank meliorism and chiliasm of many later Calvinist thinkers. Luther and English Apocalypticism: The Role of Luther in Three Seventeenth-Century Commentaries on the Book of Revelation
  • Are we to dismiss Paul's words on the grounds that his understanding of eschatology, his thinking about final things and the end times, was off by a few thousand years?
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  • Cyberspace creates a fine line between science fiction and popular theology, especially eschatology.
  • His convictions are ‘that eschatology is profoundly important, that the eschatological system of the Bible is basically simple, and that popular views of prophecy today are profoundly unbiblical’.
  • It's one thing to assert that eschatology is prior to soteriology in logical terms; it's another to assert its priority in terms of importance.
  • This opening establishes an apocalyptic expectation - it ends with ‘the universe expanding into the night‘- but Hecht's eschatology is appropriately postmillennial.’
  • Even Mahavira and Buddha agreed that there could be no final answers to some of the difficult questions of cosmology, ontology, theology, and eschatology.
  • The awakening historical conscious - ness that advanced salvationist schemes in theology since the eighteenth century led in the course of a general secularization of culture to a secular idea of eschatology also. ESCHATOLOGY
  • Theologically our age has been marked by a rediscovery of eschatology as more than just ‘last things.’
  • History, and what Fayeth calls eschatology, and many others. THE BROKEN GOD
  • Third, fundamental to the whole project is the sense that Christology, particularly the death and resurrection of Christ, provides the key to eschatology.
  • The book is organized on a conventional scheme of theological loci, from prolegomena through eschatology.
  • Dominic Crossan writes that Jesus subscribed to "sapiential eschatology", which he describes as announces that God has given all human beings the wisdom to discern how, here and now in this world, one can so live that God's power, rule, and dominion are evidently present to all observers. Debunking Debunking Christianity Christianity
  • Biblical eschatology should drive our ecclesiology.
  • After exploring in brief a number of classic theological topics (such as creation, Christology, pneumatology and eschatology) - topics to some of which he will return in later chapters - Clayton notes that the notion that we owe our existence to something radically different from ourselves is there whether we attribute our origin ultimately to random chance and material forces or to a divine eternal will (p.115). Archive 2009-05-01
  • The term eschatology in our theological vocabulary refers to the study of the eschaton, or the end times. Possessing the Treasure
  • History, and what Fayeth calls eschatology, and many others. THE BROKEN GOD
  • Not only does it make us reconsider the task of natural theology, it influences such topics as creation, eschatology and the problem of evil.
  • My own views on various matters have changed over the years as I have learned more (notably, where eschatology is concerned), so an education from a worthwhile source is always welcome.
  • Reformation Eschatology (2/2), REFORMATION BOOKSHELF CD (Volume 14 of 30), Historicism, the Papacy is the Antichrist, Islam in Revelation, Preterism (Jesuitism) and Futurism (Jesuitism) Refuted, etc. OpEdNews - Diary: The Revealing of the Beast of the Earth: Dabbat al-Ard
  • The science-and-theology discourse on eschatology did not work toward divine revelation.
  • This raises issues of prophecy and destiny, taking us into speculative realms that are properly the domain of philosophy and theology, especially that branch of theology known as eschatology, dealing with death and the last things.
  • The unfortunate fact of this sort of eschatology is that it encourages us to withdraw from the world — to become, in Carl Henry’s words, world-resisters rather than world-changers, a generation of enlightened spectators rather than empowered ambassadors. Second Coming in 2015!
  • It includes his mature thought on ecclesiology, the role of secular knowledge for theology, political and ecclesiastical authority, grace and predestination, and history and eschatology.
  • The theses themselves have already alluded to a number of standard headings within Christian systematics - grace, sacraments, soteriology, eschatology.
  • Theology has often ‘used eschatology to move into speculations about a virtual reality, something that science will not readily accept.’
  • One does not have to read very deeply in the scholarly literature on eschatology, the gospels, or Christology before running into the writings of Richard Bauckham.
  • Ecclesiology, soteriology, missiology, eschatology, and pneumatology are expressive terms attached to various understandings or interpretations of God, or the acts of God. Philocrites: A religion still seeking definition.
  • Though he may still be a fundamentalist of art, he is no longer preoccupied by eschatology.
  • Osama's Galatea is a sculpture whose ivory is an eschatology and exegesis plated with a Salafi-Wahhabi interpretation of Islam.
  • These include a Pelagian doctrine of salvation, a unitarian doctrine of God, a docetic christology and Bible, a gnostic doctrine of eschatology, and a Constantinian doctrine of church-state relations—which, by the way, was what led the German church to support Hitler. Evangelical heresies
  • The purpose of marriage is to glorify God as is taught by creation, redemption and eschatology.
  • In Zoroastrian eschatology there is much which has become familiar from reading the Jewish and Christian testaments: heaven, hell, redemption, the promise of a Sashoyant (Messiah), the existence of an evil spirit Ahriman and – most striking of all – the prospect of a final battle for the salvation of man at "the end of time" between Ahura Mazda and Ahriman leading to the latter's final defeat. Zoroaster – forgotten prophet of the one God
  • Horton claims, further, that Pauline eschatology not only avoids Nietzsche's and Derrida's critiques of dualism, but also gives theology an intelligible way of talking about eschatology.
  • If the goal is to interest more people in eschatology and bring the message of salvation to more people, then I pray God blesses those efforts. Archive 2006-12-01
  • In other words, in every case I can think of, eschatology is synonymous with war crimes and should be looked upon in the same light. An Illustrated Guide : The Lovecraft News Network
  • This comprises outlines of the teaching on the persons of the Trinity, eschatology, eternal life, witness, and so forth.
  • Topics include his exegesis, Mary and the incarnation, divinization and eschatology; but the Trinity and the Holy Spirit are the constant background.
  • Covenantal theology is also ‘new’ and aspects of ecclesiology and eschatology have awaited the last several centuries for finer definition and clarity.
  • In a compressed pivotal dialectic, the form of Victorian eschatology is formulated coextensively with its own historical force — as, so to say, the inherent Phonemanography: Romantic to Victorian
  • This is what's called eschatology — a belief, or psychology, that we are approaching the End Time. What's the Next 'Global Warming'?
  • After I was sent the googlewhack "suberic eschatology", i looked for one of my own. tried "eschatological cork", then 'eschatological cork prozac'. March 28th, 2002
  • For it is only out of the revelatory claims of Scripture that eschatology arises as a theological topic and as an assumption about reality that requires faith to engage with science to get some sense of the ending.
  • The difference reflects the difference between an eschatology of kingdom transformation and hope versus an eschatology of inevitable deterioration and fatalism.
  • For churches that do not endorse a premillennial eschatology the emphasis is on the present, and other-worldly eschatological discussions are largely absent.
  • So, again, the Pauline Christology ends in Docetism, and his teaching that we are saved by the Spirit is a soteriology which is at once physical and magical, while the evolution of his eschatology consists in the denial of the resurrection of the body. The Beginnings of Christianity. Vol. II.
  • To the extent that apocalyptic eschatology is retained in the New Testament this mythological conception has the existential meaning of representing futurity, that is, the charismatic, or the character of grace of God's liberating word: new life fulfills itself solely in the acceptance of the “freedom of the children of God.” ESCHATOLOGY
  • That's sapiential eschatology in John D Crossan's terminology. Philocrites: Uh oh: Here come the Christian humanists!
  • Osama's Galatea is a sculpture whose ivory is an eschatology and exegesis plated with a Salafi-Wahhabi interpretation of Islam.
  • The study of last things is called eschatology from the Greek word eschatos, meaning "the last or extreme. Latest Articles

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