How To Use Escapee In A Sentence

  • Of course, the baglike covering intended to serve a seriously injured escapee using the LB, one whose hurt body could not be suited up if the emergency landing had been made on a planet with a hostile atmosphere and it was necessary to leave the boat. Uncharted Stars
  • Some escapees have found it exceedingly easy to walk away from prison and return to society.
  • They would be trying to spot and capture the escapee, who was jailed after smashing his way into a woman's home as she lay in bed.
  • He had a haunted look in his eyes like that of a mental hospital escapee.
  • He said that during follow-up operations 40 of the escapees were recaptured within a few kilometres of the prison.
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  • The escapees, who were apparently being guarded by three prison warders while the others fought the fire, overpowered them and fled into the surrounding rural areas.
  • The escapees are often both radical and conservative, each a fitting response to being off the moorings, with only your trusty radiotelegraph to find your way back to port. I Have a Code
  • Guy Ritchie updated the film by recasting the 1960s blaggers as escapees from a GQ photo-shoot and remoulding the caper to involve a shotgun and an ex-Wimbledon stopper.
  • He is an escapee from a prison in Venezuela, where he was incarcerated for blowing up an Air Cubana passenger plane in 1976, killing 73.
  • I figure they want to return the escapee to the prison.
  • I hear it first from Titus, who knows my blood connection with the escapee. THE BINGO PALACE
  • We try to focus primarily on missing children, dangerous prison escapees and dangerous fugitives.
  • The incident was sparked off at about noon by a sighting in Colchester of a prison escapee.
  • The nightly news was on, showing her picture, telling how she was a prison escapee who was armed and dangerous.
  • Or just enjoy the by-play among the island escapees and appreciate the way Lost made it impossible to believe they'll agree to return, even though we know they will. 'Lost' and '24': Simple titles, complex, brilliant shows
  • A spokesman for the Home Office said he was an absconder rather than an escapee, as he was officially allowed out of prison on licence.
  • Major Hilary Evans was a prisoner of war escapee, who lived rough in Italy's hills and mountains to avoid recapture.
  • Atlantic pirate ships were staffed with escapees from the horrible British Navy. Aargh?
  • Punishing the Pequots for the death of an English trader, Massachusetts militia attacked men, women, and children at the stockaded Mystic village, setting it ablaze and shooting escapees.
  • Others escapees grabbed overhanging tree branches and clung on while the trucks trundled past. The Sun
  • Collectively the three escapees faced three charges of murder, 16 counts of attempted murder and seven armed robbery charges relating to cash-in-transit heists across the province.
  • Do we have a "gringo culture", or are we a bunch of widely diverse escapees from the U.S. culture? rents and---
  • According to Mamabolo most of the escapees were being held for stock theft, housebreaking and theft and other petty crimes but they ‘should still be considered as dangerous’.
  • Rationality is a dead giveaway for escapees from the Cult of Republicanism. Think Progress » Hagel: “Focus Group-Tested Buzz Words…Like ‘Cut and Run’ Debase the Seriousness of War”
  • She looked like an escapee from a casualty ward during the final stages of the heptathlon competition in Australia, bruised, bandaged but unbowed.
  • They may be descendants of escapees from a local captive breeding program. Archive 2008-10-01
  • It's a story about a female prison escapee who will do anything to evade recapture.
  • Two escapees once stumbled upon the oasis by a sheer chance and pure luck, thus becoming the parents of the somber population.
  • That this was no escapee from the store (no household in the Grove would have given it a home). THE GREAT AND SECRET SHOW
  • The other escapee, Fletcher's enemy, was standing at the perimeter of the parking lot. THE GREAT AND SECRET SHOW
  • This, coupled with looser regulations, will begin to attract regulatory arbitrageurs and Volcker Rule escapees. John Bates: 2012 Predictions: What to Expect in Capital Markets
  • Counterfeit papers and civilian clothes were produced for use by escapees.
  • Crows flap across the screen like escapees from an Edgar Allan Poe story, and the local country folk are filmed at crazy angles so they all look like a potential threat.
  • The Kilnsey Park three have successfully evaded traps that caught their fellow escapees and are foiling staff's attempts to win them back.
  • Ray and Max are part of an underground scheme set up to create new lives in Canada for escapees from these prisons.
  • People were elected to speak with the escapees and communicate to the media their stories and personal circumstances.
  • Forces must also take measures to quickly welcome child-soldier escapees and enemy prisoners of war.
  • Commonplace Lincoln Navigators appear around corners like escapees from a 1950's Japanese monster flick. Christina Nealson's SMA article (#11)
  • This bird was an escapee of some manner of avian imprisonment, maybe a zoo.
  • That this was no escapee from the store (no household in the Grove would have given it a home). THE GREAT AND SECRET SHOW
  • Bank robber and prison escapee John Matthews talks candidly about his career.
  • I liked it particularly the Death Blossom, but the villains all looked like escapees from a hair replacement ad. Remember The Last Starfighter? | Major Spoilers - Comic Book Reviews and News
  • The film concerns two escapees from a chain gang, one black and one white, who are forced to cooperate with one another to avoid capture.
  • US marshals specialize in finding fugitives and escapees.
  • Information from an American escapee and a Thai captured with Mr. Debruin recounted Mr. Debruin's capture and prison chronology through July 3, 1966, the last time they knew Mr. Debruin to be alive with them in Khammouane Province. Debruin, Eugene H.
  • US marshals specialize in finding fugitives and escapees.
  • With flames rushing up the wall, the dragon roared at the escapees and took one-step forward before Suzaku stood in its way. Arcana Magi Rush
  • Seven escapees from the Burmese dictatorship have been dumped on the isle of Nauru. POOR, POOR, PITIFUL OZ
  • If one child attempts to escape, the rebels force the other abducted children to kill the would-be escapee, usually with clubs or machetes.
  • I hear it first from Titus, who knows my blood connection with the escapee. THE BINGO PALACE
  • The other escapee, Fletcher's enemy, was standing at the perimeter of the parking lot. THE GREAT AND SECRET SHOW
  • Now this city has become a conservatory of audacity, a museum of successful liberations, a tomb for 300,000 activists, escapees from the merry apocalypse of the sixties — the proof, too, that perhaps the time has come in America to choose between reality and commemoration, between living and surviving. Road Trip: Part II
  • The escapees sawed through bars in the exercise yard to gain their freedom.
  • A woman who gave birth prematurely after she was held up at gunpoint by a prison escapee has successfully sued the government for negligence.
  • Constables in Humberside, England, got a tip that a prison escapee was living in their town.
  • One night he encounters an escapee from a concentration camp.
  • It is a literary fable, populated with characters who are half escapees from Edward Lear's nonsense verse and half punks, well-crafted and certainly good for anyone wanting an unputdownable read where you might also learn something new.
  • How on earth had Goebbels discovered the identity of the one remaining escapee?
  • As to his being an escapee from custody, I have serious doubts whether that was so.
  • They were escapees from the Brocklehurst's collection at Swythamley, just above the Dane Valley, and inevitable neglect during the last war allowed these once confined creatures to spread far and wide. Country diary: Staffordshire Moorlands

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