[ UK /ɛɹˈə‍ʊni‍əs/ ]
[ US /ɛˈɹoʊniəs, ɝˈoʊniəs/ ]
  1. containing or characterized by error
    erroneous conclusions
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How To Use erroneous In A Sentence

  • In the 1930s, the universe had been shown to be expanding, so the cosmological constant seemed to be erroneous.
  • It was kind of hard to get too worked up about it when the TV news was busy erroneously reporting that the space shuttle was traveling "nearly 18 times the speed of light" when it went boom.
  • Kevin Newcomb suggests that stories in which Ask. com becomes a woman's search engine are overblown and erroneous. Internet News: Another interpretation of the Ask.com situation
  • There was an erroneous assumption that the sticky foam would be used as an anti-personnel weapon, and visions of an agitator with his head covered with a blob of foam prevented a more careful analysis of the intended use of the foam.
  • That sense of humour has helped the group survive many an erroneous rumour.
  • Ridley's goal is to demolish this view and explain why Galton's nature / nurture dichotomy is erroneous.
  • Early reports of leucite from this locality were shown to be an erroneous identification of analcime.
  • The Panamanian–any Panamanian, regardless of position or social status–was a “Spiggotty” or “Spig,” terms supposedly derived in earlier years from the erroneous claim of Panama City hackmen that they could “speaks-da-English.” The Path Between the Seas
  • These beliefs existed within the interstices of official faith and ritual and churchmen did not necessarily see them as pagan, unchristian, heretical or erroneous.
  • They suggest that their evidence based refutations of erroneous beliefs commonly expressed by immunisation defaulters are useful in dispelling their concerns.
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