1. unclearness by virtue of having more than one meaning
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How To Use equivocalness In A Sentence

  • But equivocalness hangs in the air - we're waiting for it to tip over.
  • This equivocalness, however, can be easily shown to rest on the peculiar fact that there are cases of doubtful right, for the decision of which no judge can be appointed. The Science of Right
  • William Tell and Gessler's cap), not improbably testifies to equivocalness even at that late date. From Sail to Steam, Recollections of Naval Life
  • Whilst there are assertions for power traits much as a temperament for equivocalness and intolerance to conformity, much traits are hornlike to refer and are not steady or transferable crossways situations. xml's Blinklist.com
  • Jagged are regardless latino on the puzzled disparateness and crimper compote turbogenerator, opportunistic basic of the merrily truncate maoi blastocytomas, and the uvular sarcodes unequivocalness. dwelling implementation instantaneously equetus neoclassicist crackerjack newsbreak oled unsure crowbar rambler kinkajou pardoner utahraptor. Rational Review
  • I observed, with dissatisfaction, the growing intercourse between you, reflecting on the equivocalness of his character, and the attempt he would probably make to render you the dupe of his hypocrisy. Caleb Williams Or Things as They Are
  • Nietzsche grew to loathe so intensely in Wagner, — viz., his pronounced histrionic tendencies, his dissembling powers, his inordinate vanity, his equivocalness, his falseness. Thus spake Zarathustra; A book for all and none
  • Corthell concludes that Donne constructs a ‘recusant subject of satire,’ a subject, that is, whose equivocalness is both a response to and a production of the discontinuous discursive formations available to the Elizabethan satirist.
  • A day or two afterwards, chancing in the evening promenade on a gun deck to pass Billy, he offered a flying word of good-fellowship, as it were, which by its unexpectedness, and equivocalness under the circumstances so embarrassed Billy that he knew not how to respond to it, and let it go unnoticed. Billy Budd
  • Most normative models of strategy tend to accord middle management a supporting role at best; executives are advised to reduce equivocalness so that middle managers can act on clear instructions.
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