1. equally probable
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How To Use equiprobable In A Sentence

  • Participants were randomly assigned by an ‘adaptive biased coin’ technique, rather than simple equiprobable randomisation, to ensure balance of group numbers.
  • Nevertheless, it is a common error, which we shall meet again, to leap from the premise that the question of God's existence is in principle unanswerable to the conclusion that his existence and his non-existence are equiprobable. The God Delusion
  • To make the method tractable, we approximate this distribution by six equiprobable rate categories.
  • Given an alphabet of N equiprobable symbols, we can now use equation [1]: Semantic Conceptions of Information
  • Assuming equiprobable digits, I have reduced your level of uncertainty by a factor of eight.
  • If all states of the world are equiprobable, this is a partial pooling equilibrium. Evolutionary Game Theory
  • Compared to the maximum-likelihood estimator under the equiprobable population, this estimator is very efficient.
  • It can then be argued that the competing stories should initially be viewed as equiprobable, and that, in turn, will enable one to place an upper bound on the probability of the relevant story advanced by van Inwagen. The Problem of Evil
  • NOTE: a 1 character string with 32 possible equiprobable symbols (like{0,1,2…31}) has the same channel capacity as 5 coin string with 2 alphabetic symbols (like {0,1}), the math works out the same. The Skeptic paper online - The Panda's Thumb
  • Most often one makes the most pessimistic assumption that all the possible states of the device are equiprobable. The Silliest Thing Yet, or Sheer Genius? - The Panda's Thumb
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