How To Use Equilibrium constant In A Sentence

  • Thermobarometers require thermodynamic calibration of the equilibrium constant for a particular reaction or set of reactions.
  • More than 2400 equilibrium constants of acid-base reactions, 1500 complexation enthalpies, and nearly 2000 infrared and ultraviolet shifts upon complexation are gathered together in 25 thermodynamic and spectroscopic scales of basicity and/or affinity. AvaxHome
  • Based on the experimental data, the partitioning equilibrium constant of L tryptophan L Trp was obtained.
  • Similar values for equilibrium constants have been reported for nonspecific binding of cationic oligopeptides to DNA.
  • The dimerization equilibrium constant increases with the extent of esterification.
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  • The equilibrium constant decreases monotonically approximately fourfold when the salt concentration is increased from 0.15 to 0.25 M.
  • As the hydrogen ion concentration increases, the acetate concentration and acetic acid concentration must adjust for the value of the equilibrium constant to be maintained.
  • From these measurements we calculated all of the equilibrium constants of the "allosteric" cycle as follows: diliganded gating, unliganded gating, dissociation from the C (losed) conformation, and dissociation from the O (pen) conformation. Journal of Biological Chemistry current issue
  • The J factors, which are defined as the ratios of equilibrium constants for ligatable unimolecular and bimolecular forms with cohesive ends hybridized, are measured from their ligation rates under certain conditions.
  • Another limitation is the lack of availability of accurate equilibrium constants.

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