1. in full control of your faculties
    more self-contained and more dependable than many of the early frontiersmen
    the witness remained collected throughout the cross-examination
    strong and self-possessed in the face of trouble
    perfectly poised and sure of himself
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How To Use equanimous In A Sentence

  • I'm not saying they were always equanimous but they had more equanimity than I had, less anxiety than I had.
  • He and I had one or two big fights -- and I was younger, far nastier and angrier and shot to kill, back then -- but, no matter what names I called him, the next time I spoke to him he was always equanimous, forgiving and affable. ... Is there no one who does not cheer new DC editor-in-chief BOB HARRAS?
  • But the convict is equally equanimous about what the Bird thinks about him. LeBron James apologises for calling journalist 'retarded'
  • Aubry was similarly equanimous this week when she told Canal+ television she agreed with other women when it came to Strauss-Kahn's attitude toward the opposite sex. Strauss-Kahn back home, faces frosty welcome
  • The Cardinal is anything but equanimous when it comes to contraception.
  • Can I really be equanimous between pain and pleasure, love and its lack? Jay Michaelson: The Deep Truths are the Simple Ones
  • These comment threads are starting to make the cable news folks seem reasonable and equanimous. New McCain Ad: "Maybe The Applause Has Gone To His Head"
  • Perhaps the closest I can get to an explanation is that the agitated mind, if allowed to fully run its course without suppression of any thought or emotion, may simply exhaust itself and give up, revealing an underlying, more equanimous state. Michael Sigman: Tranquility Through Anger
  • The way he always seemed on low idle, engine just purring, slouching in the wind in his anorak, equanimous, friendly, shy, at the edge of the group with his coffee mug, expending energy with perfect efficiency, saving it. Kook
  • Imagine an enlightened doctor, the equanimous lawyer, and the benevolent mayor all taking their seat as yogis in the real world. Alanna Kaivalya: When The Going Gets Tough, The Yogi Knows Where To Go
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