How To Use Equalization In A Sentence

  • Meanwhile, the depleted provinces continue to depend on equalisation handouts from increasingly more resentful taxpayers in flourishing parts of the country. Big Fish from Little Ponds: Can Canada's Regional Companies Succeed in the Global Economy?
  • The alternative case where free entry restores standard comparative advantage is when factor endowments are sufficiently similar to permit factor price equalization.
  • The Sir Robert Bond Papers: Prems cancel meet fearing Equalization "bunfight Prems cancel meet fearing Equalization "bunfight"
  • The alternative case where free entry restores standard comparative advantage is when factor endowments are sufficiently similar to permit factor price equalization.
  • For the mono, we tried to stereo-ize it by splitting the equalization into different speakers to get more of a stereo feel.
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  • Consider the fact that the Eastern provinces have already had their demands acquiesced by the feds, enabling them to keep their oil revenues, as well as Newfoundland receiving billions in equalization already, including a $1,781 per capita payment that is third only to Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick. 2008 October 08 « Unambiguously Ambidextrous
  • This persuasive, manipulative emphasis has been seen in political tactics: withholding information, bluffing, making alliances, publicly supporting but privately opposing particular views, compromising, and using delaying and diversionary tactics.2 Participation is likely to be seen with general, rather than close, supervision; with the equalization of power; and with nondirective leadership. The Bass Handbook of Leadership
  • Usually businesses pay the state Board of Equalization annually, quarterly, or monthly, but there's nothing stopping companies from "prepaying" weekly, says board spokesperson East Bay Express
  • In love should cooperate each other, find the equalization point liking to compromise each other.
  • The Prime Minister is no fan of equalization, which is the policy of weighting federal transfers in favour of smaller and poorer provinces. The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed
  • The search algorithms (goal, foresight) had to search a minimal amount of data (knowledge) in order to make a decision about it's next move. aiguy: (The storm achieves non-proximate effects – the long-term equalization of electrical potential). Bunny and a Book
  • As for the Union's finances, both England and Scotland would be better off if there were fewer subventions i.e. "equalization" - MC, since grants are as debilitating to their recipient as they are irksome to their contributor... Daimnation!: The Austro-Hungarian solution for the UK?
  • Next week, First Ministers will again convene in Ottawa to negotiate a strengthening of the Equalization Program and the fundamental principle of equity and fairness. My Canada - Today and Tomorrow
  • Despite the national participation in equalization payments, adjustment grants, shared-cost programmes and subventions, in the past five years our region has received onequarter of a billion dollars in unemployment insurance benefits. New Brunswick—1963
  • McAdams says there is nothing "equal" about the so-called equalization program because Salt Lake School District and others have older buildings that require money for repair and upkeep or even need to be torn down and rebuilt. - Top Stories
  • Add sonic brightness more effectively than you can with traditional equalization.
  • Her equalization payment obligation to her husband can then be satisfied by reducing the amount of his support arrears.
  • A pressure equalization tube, not shown, can be used to connect the top of the closed hopper 12 to the deagglomeration chamber 14.
  • I don't mind the tax "equalisation" measures for very small businesses too much - Tory Boys NGU has a pretty sound point there. How to Damage Small Businesses in two Easy Lessons
  • Nokwe said the change in subsidy amounts would mean that some organisations would get an increase in their subsidies while others would get less in what was essentially an "equalisation" process. ANC Daily News Briefing
  • Frequency equalisation compensates for the sound passing through the auditory canals.
  • This block does not perform waveform specific processing such as demodulation or equalization.
  • The long avoided move was made after strong criticism from German tourist operators, who insisted on price equalization.
  • During the balance of the daily flow cycle, the level in the equalization zone will be pumped down by the bucket pumps until the beginning of another flow cycle when it is again at its lowest level.
  • My inbuilt political correctness allowed me to express my opinion that the recently passed laws regarding same sex marriages are just an equalisation of rights.
  • The Premiership call it an 'equalisation' policy and redistribute the funds to other clubs which, in some cases, helps them pay the salaries of overseas players. Home | Mail Online
  • I played around with some reggae equalization, which makes quite an interesting difference, particularly if the vocal is thickened – A recut of the vocal with a little more anger (or sentiment?) would also be interesting. Sticky Post « We Don't Count Your Own Visits To Your Blog
  • But the way for Ontarians to support these services for Canadians in equalization-receiving provinces is through one, transparent equalization program. The Ontario Budget
  • The factor price equalisation theorem is hard at work thanks to the fusion of insulated compartments into an open world economy. Globalization and Inequality, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty
  • The alternative case where free entry restores standard comparative advantage is when factor endowments are sufficiently similar to permit factor price equalization.
  • And there is much talk of 'equalisation' and this change removing the post-code lottery as far as public services are concerned. Archive 2006-11-01
  • If equalization in education, seen in elementary, middle and high schools, is extended to the universities, we have no future.
  • From the spectrum equalization point of view, this work explains the principle of the range super-resolution algorithms based on deconvolution and gives the limitation of the algorithms.
  • (The storm achieves non-proximate effects – the long-term equalization of electrical potential). Bunny and a Book
  • Why should we whine that our sister Alberta is getting goodies, when in fact we already get billions in special tax expenditures, economic agencies, and equalization--pogey for provinces. Daimnation!: Pogey for Provinces
  • It's the producer's job to set up the sound on tape, record and mix that sound with the right equalization.
  • This was a transparent attempt on her part to increase her equalization payment.
  • It shows that if you maintain equalisation which is provided for in the Constitution and a Canadian icon, if you maintain payments to seniors, if the UI programme works more or less as it has in the past, and if you make reasonable assumptions about interest rates and a recession two or three years down the road, you find, the federal government driven to shrinking its programme transfers for health and social services to the provinces, to zero. Thirty Million Musketeers
  • Result, delays in equalization of treatment results between races. The Volokh Conspiracy » Be Careful. Trust No-One. Shut Up.
  • After the gray transformation and the histogram equalization, these images were filtered by a frequency-domain homomorphic filter, hence noises in the images were greatly reduced.
  • Advocate spirit of opening and equalization, respect and encourage employees to innovate.
  • In the constitutional debate, our obsession with the arithmetic of equalization and the vocabulary of "distinctness" has obscured the importance of this moral dimension, the dimension of justice. Making It in the New Economy
  • Other techniques are Low Density Parity Check for much more efficient error-correction coding, and Maximum Likelihood equalization algorithms to demodulate the received signal with much greater accuracy than other methods. Atheros sampling 450Mbps 802.11n Wi-Fi chipset
  • The alternative case where free entry restores standard comparative advantage is when factor endowments are sufficiently similar to permit factor price equalization.
  • A new combined maximum likelihood (ML) and decision feedback equalization (DFE) detection algorithm for the V -BLAST system is proposed based on nulling vector set searching.
  • equalisation" payment that BHP is due to pay Rio is increased by up to $US5bn. | Top Stories
  • After receipt of the equalization payment she will not have a need for support.
  • Ms. Bauer has asked that the balance of her equalization be satisfied by the court ordering the husband to assume her share of certain joint debts.
  • The Trustee consented and I ruled that the matter could proceed, on the basis that the claim for equalization would be exigible only as against the pension.
  • On the one hand, there is the approach of enforced equalisation, meaning in practice that high standards, that have been achieved through hard work, have to be downgraded to a lower level so that all can become equal. ANC Daily News Briefing
  • Adaptive passband equalization filtering comprises in addition to a non-iterative portion, an iterative filtering portion to suppress longer-delayed post-ghosts.
  • Preliminary treatment includes such operations as flow equalization, screening, comminution, grease removal, flow measurement, and grit removal.
  • He embraced them as practitioners of the money trade whose credit served to induce economic equalization and prosperity in the monetized society of fifteenth-century Urbino.
  • Maximum capacity of flow equalization limited by available wastewater depth in feed chamber of concrete tankage.
  • But fear not, Danny Williams, because Jack Layton has promised an accord with Newfoundland worth as much as $10 billion in retroactive equalization payments. 2008 October 08 « Unambiguously Ambidextrous
  • Another aspect of a new Canada I think we have to look at is our current programme of equalisation which is very large at $9 billion a year. Thirty Million Musketeers
  • One (Harper) wants to pretend the situation in NS and NL can be somehow "formulized" into an Equalization fix-all, and the other (Williams) spends three months likening his situation to that of Saskatchewan. Pat Carney joins the fray
  • Any point in the hexagon enclosed by these vectors is consistent with factor price equalization.
  • Initial media reports suggest the meeting was cancelled out of concern it would turn into a "bunfight" over Equalization. Prems cancel meet fearing Equalization "bunfight"
  • As shown above, complete income equalization does not produce complete equality!
  • Full capacity of flow equalization zone can be utilized.
  • Divorce proceedings were instituted with the inevitable claims for corollary relief including of course for equalization of the net family properties.
  • By separating the equalization of the signal to separate equalizers, the cost of the equalization can be reduced without substantially affecting performance.
  • Tools for That Finishing Touch by Michael Cooper for MIX (Dec. 2006) Equalization is one of the two most-common processes employed in mastering (the other being dynamics processing) to put the finishing touch on a recording project. Article: Tools for That Finishing Touch
  • The alternative case where free entry restores standard comparative advantage is when factor endowments are sufficiently similar to permit factor price equalization.
  • According to Ron Dennis, 'unfreezing' the engines to make these performance equalisations will drive costs up even further: F1 Fanatic - The Formula 1 Blog | F1 video | F1 pictures | F1 news | Lewis Hamilton | Fernando Alonso

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