How To Use Epstein In A Sentence

  • Epstein is quite right in insisting that this issue must be dealt with as a question of principle.
  • The diagnosis might also be considered if there is a family history where relatives were affected by illnesses found in X-linked lymphoproliferative syndrome (XLP), such as fatal Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) infection, lymphoma or hypogammaglobulinemia. X-linked Lymphoproliferative Syndrome
  • In a test for "adultness" co-created by the author, the difference between how adults and how teens scored was statistically insignificant: "Age is simply not a reliable measure of adultness," Epstein writes, "at least not once people are past puberty.
  • My favorite anecdotes in the book concern another old hero of mine, Norbert Wiener, who coined the term "cybernetics" and whose decidedly non-commercial The Human Use of Human Beings was published in paperback by Jason Epstein as an Anchor book. The Believer
  • Epstein, an internationally exhibited photographer with half a dozen previous books to his credit, is a prodigal son.
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  • The immortalized cells were then further characterized by heterotransplantation in Nude mice; immunohistochemical staining for relevant HNSCC biomarkers; flow cytometry for surface markers; cytogenetic karyotypic analysis; human papillomavirus and Epstein-Barr virus screening; qRT-PCR for oncogene and cytokine analysis; investigation of activated, cleaved Notch1 levels; and detailed 35,000 gene microarray analysis. BioMed Central - Latest articles
  • Epstein covers seven stud and hold'em primarily, but much of what he discusses is applicable to all forms of poker.
  • It means patients in Europe with highly active relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis could soon benefit from Gilenya's significant efficacy in a once-daily capsule," said David Epstein , division head of Novartis Pharmaceuticals. Novartis Wins European Backing for MS Pill
  • Epstein believes reporters err too often by viewing the operations of government as monolithic instead of the ‘product of diverse and competing’ interests.
  • Highlights of the exhibition will include: Umberto Boccioni's sculpture Unique Forms of Continuity in Space 1913; Carlo Carrà'sFuneral of the Anarchist, Galli 1911; and responses to the challenge represented by Futurism in works such as Delaunay's Eiffel Tower 1911; Jacob Epstein's Torso in Metal from the Rock Drill 1913-14 and Picasso's Pipe, Glass, Bottle of Vieux Marc 1914 onto which he pasted the Futurist periodical, Lacerba. Art Knowledge News
  • In the four versions in this show (others exist), we see the original black-and-white litho from the Epstein collection, and then the full Draculette treatment it gets a year or so later, in a hand-colored impression from the gallery's own holdings: Munch prints his litho onto ghoulish green paper, then brushes the woman's hair in orange-red so that it can drip bloodlike down her victim. At National Gallery, Edvard Munch's 'Prints' reveal artist's methodical process
  • Chuck Spencer, my Hephaestus, for passing on the flame, and Liz Epstein, my female (and lovely) Hephaestus, for sculpting and sculpting (and sculpting and sculpting . . .) Amaryllis in Blueberry
  • Epstein is occupied mostly as a "real life" reporter for voyeuristic gossip magazines, cold-calling bereaved parents and such. The Register
  • But Epstein said physical examinations concluded that Beckett is "insurable," indicating that his arm is structurally sound enough for a policy to be placed on it. News
  • Field wondered if the SARS virus might also be circulating in bats, and that eventually gave rise to the expedition led by Epstein, and the four that followed. Disease-Hunting Scientists: Jonathan Epstein and the search for SARS
  • And while Epstein may attempt to take a kindler, gentler tone, the results of his comments on the Century City subway alignment nonetheless can be reduced to a paternalistic: "We 'respect' you, but we know better ... so shut up. John Mirisch: Constellation Blvd. Is the Wrong Choice for the Westside Extension Century City Station
  • Hayden Epstein accounted for the first six points with field goals of 34 and 31 yards. NFL - National Football League - Philadelphia vs. Jacksonville
  • In my opinion, Epstein devastated Yoo’s arguments although it was much too short to explore any particular topic in depth. The Volokh Conspiracy » Yoo v. Epstein on Executive Power and the Al-Quaeda 7:
  • As Epstein notes, making no exception to a general prohibition on the use of force is not an option.
  • Epstein was an outstanding example of a spirited woman archaeologist who worked untiringly and out of true love in search of the past in the Land of Israel — qualities which won her the esteem of all her fellow archaeologists. Claire Epstein.
  • My period in Freiburg permitted me to also work on other aspects of tumour virology: I discovered the potent activity of some phorbol esters in inducing latent Epstein-Barr virus DNA. Harald zur Hausen - Autobiography
  • An altered immune response to Epstein-Barr nuclear antigen 1 in pediatric systemic lupus erythematosus. The Autoimmune Epidemic
  • Even better, notes CEO Michael Epstein, there have been far fewer problems with lost or undelivered checks.
  • On a Tuesday morning in June 1993, Dr. Epstein opened a padded brown envelope about the size of a videocassette that had come in the mail. Charles Epstein, Down syndrome pioneer and survivor of Unabomber attack, dies at 77
  • The conclusion of Epstein's essay is of continuing relevance to the mythical role imputed to the press in uncovering Watergate.
  • EPSTEIN: I stipulate to what Tom just said, I agree that the lack of his forthcomingness in the beginning phases of this was morally indefensible and was, if nothing else, I think harmful. CNN Transcript Aug 1, 2001
  • But Olympus is different: its lower slopes are wreathed in mist and cloud, so that the mountain itself seems to be floating in mid-air, remote, ethereal and shining, like another, whiter cloud; an angular cloud; a cloud, perhaps by Epstein. Try Anything Twice
  • In the today's New York Times, another nod of appreciation (Allan Kozinn is the nodder) to the regenerative impact of the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi on the health and creative well-springs of the stunned, grieving, post-Brian Epstein Beatles. What's So Funny About Peace, Love, and Understanding?: James Wolcott
  • Sandberg could have been a proud symbol of the "Cubs Way" that Epstein speaks of as a guidepost for the organization. NYT > Home Page
  • This is what many of us wish could happen, and I suspect that Epstein may be correct in theory.
  • If you need to save time in the kitchen, buy pre-washed and pre-cut vegetables and fruits (either fresh or frozen), Epstein says.
  • Gene Epstein, a 71-year-old philanthropist, is HuffPost's first Greatest Person of the Day. HuffPost's Greatest Person Of The Day: Gene Epstein, Founder Of Hire Just One
  • Objective To determine the relationship between Epstein - Barr virus ( EBV ) infection and multiple sclerosis ( MS ).
  • What Epstein fails to articulate is that while Israeli troops have formally pulled out from the Gaza Strip, Israel still controls all supplies that enter and leave the territory. The Volokh Conspiracy » Telling Interview with the Director of Amnesty Israel
  • Like most wits, Mr. Epstein has the gift of turning cruelty into entertainment, a phrase that could serve as another definition of gossip. Boulevardier's Delight
  • Update #2: The author Joel Epstein emailed me a response to this post. Coyote Blog » Blog Archive » The Timeless Appeal of Triumphalism
  • Epstein takes on these comers, too, with his characteristic self-assurance.
  • Access to Power: Cross-National Studies of Women and Elites, coedited with Cynthia Fuchs Epstein (1981); “Affirmative Action: Letter to a Worried Colleague,” Dissent 22 (Fall 1975): 207 – 210; “Alienation and the Social Structure.” Rose Laub Coser.
  • Epstein et al. described sulphate uptake which was resolved into a saturable high-affinity phase and a non-saturable low-affinity phase.
  • Epstein-Barr virus is one of 8 known human herpesviruses.
  • Epstein lauded the Court for its new, more liberal outlook, represented by the Fanny Hill decision. Obscenity, Censorship, and the First Amendment
  • Reading "Gossip" is like watching Norman Mailer begin one of those sentences whose ending is not yet known to the author, the difference being that Mailer liked to pose as a Nietzschean Ubermensch taking leaps into existential voids while Mr. Epstein is a rambling boulevardier who just isn't sure yet where he'll eat lunch. Boulevardier's Delight
  • He had been writing a book on Epstein, but the manuscript was never found.
  • The most well-known example is reenacted, which is the time that Meek turned down an opportunity to produce some sessions for a certain (then relatively unknown) Merseyside combo managed by a Mr. Brian Epstein. Hullabaloo
  • Epstein says equal credence should be given to self-examination in combination with medical examinations.
  • Angels first baseman Mike Epstein ruined North's plan by reaching the bunt before Lange.
  • Epstein-Barr virus may play a role in the pathogenesis of this disease.
  • But for Mr. Epstein, Mr. Dylan "was—for a time—an American Orpheus, son of Apollo and the muses, fireproofed for a romp through hell. Poet, Prophet and Puzzle
  • Matthew Gilson Joseph Epstein Perhaps with this last reference he is playing off a quote from Saint-Simon: "Mme de Saint Simon, all goodness, tried in vain to check our most outrageous utterances, but the brakes were off and there ensued the most fearful struggle between the expression of sentiments that, humanly speaking, were quite natural, and the sensations that they were not altogether Christian. Boulevardier's Delight
  • Highlights -- Epstein agrees ads will never "bankroll" console game development, but believes the potential in online gaming is just beginning to be tapped. Archive 2008-02-01
  • ‘Those regs are as good as gold,’ said Ellen Kearns, an employment lawyer who specializes in wage-and-hour issues with Epstein Becker & Green in Boston.
  • Recently released documents from a different case showed that two of Epstein's closest confidantes – his PA Sarah Ellen and an on-off girlfriend, Nadia Marcinkova – were repeatedly questioned by Kuvin about whether the prince had been involved in sexual acts with any of Epstein's entourage of young women. Prince Andrew's link to sex offender Jeffrey Epstein taints royalty in US
  • So argues Zimram Ahmed as quoted by Arnold Kling, responding to an argument by Richard Epstein favoring copyright protection for intellectual property .... Copyright Law and Utilitarianism, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty
  • Serologic tests for Epstein-Barr virus, rubeola, and rubella were consistent with prior exposure.
  • During the audience Q & A period, Gerald Epstein of American Association for the Advancement of Science reminded the commission that synbio will only be one component of much larger issues that humanity faces and that and it should try to analyze the implications of synbio for social justice, human security, or the environment "as a whole. Michael Rugnetta: The Presidential Commission and Synthetic Biology
  • The monument to one of football's greatest innovators was the work of the famous sculptor, Jacob Epstein.
  • Epstein has defined the essence of snobbery as not merely the wish to impress others but the effort to make oneself feel superior at the expense of others.
  • His body lies beneath the vast funerary monument shaped by Jacob Epstein, but not even its megalithic weight can keep the spirit of Oscar Wilde earthbound.
  • Largely by sheer force of will, Strindberg transformed this unlovely hole into a vibrant modernist paradise, employing the then-obscure likes of Wyndham Lewis, Eric Gill and Jacob Epstein to achieve her novel visions.
  • Lieberman and his colleagues found that the three telomeric proteins might help Epstein-Barr virus episomes persist in cells.
  • If a child has severe symptoms in response to infection with Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), a physician may consider a diagnosis of X-linked lymphoproliferative syndrome (XLP). X-linked Lymphoproliferative Syndrome
  • This show examines how African and Oceanic art affected the sculpture of Jacob Epstein and Dora Gordine.
  • Objective To determine the relationship between Epstein - Barr virus ( EBV ) infection and multiple sclerosis ( MS ).
  • Gossip sells—this is one of the points Mr. Epstein makes, staring in disquieted astonishment at the vast gossip industry with magazines, Internet sites, television shows and newspapers devoted to little else. Boulevardier's Delight
  • Beginning in 1973/4 Epstein started excavating at Chalcolithic sites with the aid of numerous institutions, including the Antiquities and Museums Department, the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, the Basic Research Foundation and the National Geographic Society. Claire Epstein.
  • Epstein openly admits to some ignoble if venial attitudes.
  • Brian Epstein, their manager, organised an audition with George Martin, the record producer.
  • The study included heparinised peripheral blood from an individual with der (7) t (Y,7) and both parents; a mentally retarded patient with der (5) (pter - > q21:: q23 - > q21:: q21 - > qter) and 10 healthy individuals, as well as unstimulated bone-marrow samples from an AML patient, and Epstein-Barr-virus-immortalized lymphoblastoid cell lines established from EDTA-treated blood and biopsy samples derived from swages of upper arm skin from the 10 healthy individuals. PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles

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