[ US /ˈɛpɹəm/ ]
  1. (computer science) a read-only memory chip that can be erased by ultraviolet light and programmed again with new data
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How To Use EPROM In A Sentence

  • If the number is below the programmed percentage of votes we want to steal, that vote is not written to the ballot module but one is added to the corresponding 16-bit number in EEPROM. Archive 2006-10-01
  • Incolis scripta reliquerant, quæque ab illis alij, tanquam Dijs prodentibus, acceperunt, vnde sua in gentem nostram ludibria depromi aiunt, quantum fidei mereantur, iudicet. A briefe commentarie of Island, by Arngrimus Ionas
  • Another option, with reportedly mixed results, Thayer said, is adding tiny amounts of acepromazine, a prescribed tranquilizer, to a pet's food or water.
  • Obama fails to inspire. America is no longer inspired by his flat, monotonous and often dull presidential speeches and statements delivered via teleprompter.
  • Even to himself he sounded like an off-camera teleprompter saying the right things at the right time. A DAYSTAR OF FEAR
  • This just goes to show the lack of respect this professor has for white authority, insulting this mans white mother and once again blamed his problem on race, and we have a lame president, an empty suit who needs a teleprompter, who also has deep down hatred of white people Police group: Obama should apologize
  • He makes it sound as if she gave her whole speech extemporaneously without a teleprompter — and totally ignores the fact that her speech was written on index cards that she had to consult frequently. Think Progress » Fox News: Palin’s ‘Telepalmer’ Notes Were A Clever Plot To Call Attention To Obama’s Teleprompter
  • It was within the lepromatous skin nodules using primitive staining techniques that he saw masses of rodshaped bodies.
  • A typical treatment course for Hansen's disease involves multiple drug therapy with dapsone and rifampin for three to five years in patients with tuberculoid leprosy, and for life in patients with lepromatous leprosy.
  • Great to see such interest in SP – I can see why CNN publishes her every word – Obama has nothing to say without a teleprompter. Palin ally: 'Life is not happy for her' right now
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