1. repetition of the ends of two or more successive sentences, verses, etc.
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How To Use epistrophe In A Sentence

  • There are three words in scripture to express it by, metame'leia, meta'noia, and epistrophe `; though this last rather signifies conversion. Sermons Preached Upon Several Occasions. Vol. VI.
  • Each line in the poem ends with a word ending in “ed” (a variation on the device known as epistrophe, the repetition of a word or phrase at the end of a line). 2009 March 05 « One-Minute Book Reviews
  • The cardinal principle upon which his attempt rests is the doctrine, already foreshadowed by Iamblichus and others, that in the process of emanation there are always three subordinate stages, or moments, namely the original (mone), emergence from the original (proodos), and return to the original (epistrophe). The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 10: Mass Music-Newman
  • Books Four and Five, originally planned as one book, discuss the return (epistrophe, reditus, reversio) of all things to God. John Scottus Eriugena
  • A gaffe that seems far more unfortunate involves Mr.McC. 's rigid distinction between epiphora and epistrophe. VERBATIM: The Language Quarterly Vol XII No 1
  • By contrast, repetition of a word or phrase at the end of a series of sentences is called epistrophe. The Washington Post: National, World & D.C. Area News and Headlines - washingtonpost.com
  • Preachers at black churches are the last people left in the English-speaking world who know the schemes and tropes of classical rhetoric: parallelism, antithesis, epistrophe, synec-doche, metonymy, periphrasis, litotes-the whole bag of tricks. The Two Malcontents
  • But Webster's Third defines epiphora as a watering of the eyes while defining epistrophe as the "repetition of the same word or expression at the end of successive phrases, clauses, or sentences ... VERBATIM: The Language Quarterly Vol XII No 1
  • This parallelism is used in conjunction with epistrophe. Rhetorical Figures in Sound: Parallelism
  • His care and direction in its appointed sphere, and draws them again in an ascending order to Himself (epistrophe). The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 5: Diocese-Fathers of Mercy
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