How To Use Epergne In A Sentence

  • A pair of candelabra stood either side of the epergne, their light setting the five or six crystal decanters and the silver serving dishes aglitter. Soul
  • But the dining hall, with its mahogany-lined walls and long refectory table, was empty, the epergne of roses in the centre the only sign of life. Stay Through The Night
  • The elaborate epergne, made by Thomas Pitts of London in 1761, bespeaks the chinoiserie influence on late rococo English decorative arts.
  • The epergne, or centrepiece, enjoyed popularity in the 18th century.
  • Set defiantly in the center of the jacquard tablecloth was a heavy, flamboyantly molded silver epergne, its stand supported by two Rubens-like female figures. Soul
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  • The cloth was removed as in England, and the table covered with dried fruits, confectionary, and coffee; a tall silver epergne supporting small bottles of capillaire, and sweetmeats in cut glass. Travels through the South of France and the Interior of Provinces of Provence and Languedoc in the Years 1807 and 1808
  • They exactly resemble the finest work in frosted silver, the curve of their globular mass of leaves is perfect; and one thinks of them rather as the base of an epergne for an imperial table, or as a prize at Ascot or Goodwood, than as anything organic. The Hawaiian Archipelago
  • Among the donations by Schuyler's great-grandson is a delicate silver epergne made in London in 1774-1775, reportedly used by Philip Schuyler during the American Revolution, and an unmarked plateau that may have been used with it.
  • An epergne," Evans said, smiling at the extravagance of it. Amid the jumble, the story of Britain's age of silver
  • Why, I was admiring the beautiful epergne in the drawing room.
  • Cake/dessert, or sweetmeat baskets are extremely popular and apart from the converted liners already mentioned, dismantled epergnes and converted goblets are the two most common deceptions.
  • The dinner epergne remained at chambers, and figured at the banquets there, which the Colonel gave pretty freely. The History of Pendennis
  • The epergne was a beautiful thing of crystal and gold, a celebrated work of art, regarded as an exquisite possession. T. Tembarom
  • Cheapside, having invested some money in two desks, several pairs of richly-plated candlesticks, a dinner epergne, and a bagatelle-board. The History of Pendennis
  • Epergne, perhaps _épargne_, a save-all or hold-all. Notes and Queries, Number 48, September 28, 1850
  • “It is not such a dinner as you have seen at her house, with six side-dishes, two flanks, that splendid epergne, and the silver dishes top and bottom; but such as my Rosa has she offers with a willing heart,” cries the Campaigner. The Newcomes
  • These items included decanters, beakers, essence-bottles, cruets, wash-hand bowls, sweetmeat saucers, epergnes, vases, lemonade cups, ‘gugglets’, and ‘four elegant cut candlesticks enamel'd mosaik work very rich’.
  • Other times, it is merely the exact word for a thing that sticks in the mind: instead of using the word “centerpiece,” one might say “epergne.” Tourbillon : Ange Mlinko : Harriet the Blog : The Poetry Foundation
  • The consignment consisted of costly goods, including epergnes, table and dessert services and ornamental figures.

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