[ US /ɛnˈvɪʒənd/ ]
[ UK /ɛnvˈɪʒənd/ ]
  1. seen in the mind as a mental image
    the glory of his envisioned future
    the snow-covered Alps pictured in her imagination
    the visualized scene lacked the ugly details of real life
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How To Use envisioned In A Sentence

  • I had always envisioned a sort of heroic rescue, but those were only dreams.
  • For instance, a few weeks ago in my sports statistics class, I envisioned a type of graph that’s a combination boxplot and lineplot — instead of turning towards Excel, I coded a Mathematica module to create this type of graph and then automate the creation of many of these. Wolfram Blog : Get Your Game On for Mathematics Awareness Month!
  • Taking that idea a step further, we envisioned a ticker tape effect repeating a message spelled out in pixelated type. Mosaic Tiles : A Fresh Bathroom Look
  • Before advertising limited its possibilities, television, like radio before it, was envisioned as an electronic pathway to moral enlightenment.
  • No less powerfully mythopoetic than the classical image of the disease, the demonological model envisioned the hysterical anesthesias, mutisms, and convulsions as stigmati diaboli or marks of the devil.
  • The ETF as envisioned is a great tool for silver investment for those unable or unwilling to buy, carry and store silver but what started as a way to encourage demand is now diverting demand from real silver which would tighten the supply and make us profits. Archive 2008-07-20
  • I read it again, but instead of seeing a heavily made up moll with a dark bob and beaded dress with a pout, I envisioned a sleazy, straight, middle-aged white man.
  • God is envisioned as the Law giver, but also as subject to or criticizable in accord with the Law -- and sometimes envisioned as consulting the Law in order to decide how to act. Tikkun Magazine - Current Thinking
  • I envisioned a young squirt of an elf, say just a sprightly 100 or 200 years, slipping out to meet his miscreant pals, grab a leaf and ride a wind current.
  • I envisioned play would be a static simulation of the boisterous on-the-floor rivalries I shared with my siblings.
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