1. remove (a tumor or eye) from an enveloping sac or cover
  2. remove the nucleus from (a cell)
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How To Use enucleate In A Sentence

  • Once freed, the tumor is enucleated through the incision using the curette.
  • There were no obviously enucleate cells, no apoptotic bodies, and no evidence of dead crushed cells (data not shown).
  • The primary methods of treatment are to sear the tumor with high doses of gamma radiation or to enucleate the eye surgically, leaving behind an empty socket. The Emperor of All Maladies
  • An egg cell is enucleated, that is, the nucleus is removed and replaced with the nucleus from the body cell of an animal of the same kind.
  • SCNT involves transferring the nucleus of a somatic cell (any body cell other than a sperm or egg cell) into an enucleated oocyte, i.e. an oocyte from which the nucleus and thus most of the DNA has been removed. Cloning
  • They took the eggs from donor sheep and removed the nuclei from them, creating enucleated eggs.
  • Having found that cumulus cells yielded better results, unfertilised mouse eggs were enucleated and their donor's nuclei put in place.
  • When scientists created clones between common carp and goldfish, the offspring appeared virtually identical to the species that provided the nucleus, but the cloned fish possessed the same number of vertebrae as the species that provided the enucleated egg cytoplasm. Another Day in the Ketchup Mine
  • And most of us have probably ingested meat and dairy products from livestock cloned by natural reproduction (monozygotic siblings), mechanical embryo-splitting or even nuclear transfer from an embryonic donor cell into an enucleated oocyte. The Cloned Cow Has Left the Barn
  • There is mentioned 14.169 the case of a young woman who cut off her right hand and cast it into the fire, and attempted to enucleate her eyes, and also to hold her remaining hand in the fire. Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine
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