How To Use Entrancing In A Sentence

  • He writes entrancingly, with the sunniest good humour. Times, Sunday Times
  • Days of delicious dreaming were these, -- days of roaming on the emerald green turf under the stately and odorous pines, listening to the dash of the waterfalls, or watching the crimson sunset burning redly through the darkness of the branches, -- and in the moonlit evenings sitting under the trees to hear the entrancing music of a Hungarian string-band, which played divine and voluptuous melodies of the land, -- "lieder" and Thelma
  • Although so much of it is too entrancing to be termed extraneous, it does mean a director has to deal with the abundant non-libretto passages. David Finkle: First Nighter: Richard Strauss's Mezz-a-Mezz Intermezzo
  • We were privileged viewers; the luxurious Books of Hours with their lavish illuminations had been disbound, so we could see almost every page, reveling in jewel-like color and entrancing detail, while the individualized Mourners, temporarily removed from the tomb for which they were made, could be seen in the round. Matisse Conquers Two Continents
  • He certainly writes entrancingly, with the sunniest good humour. Times, Sunday Times
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  • It makes the entrancingly insubstantial sound stolid and dull. Times, Sunday Times
  • Nothing was more entrancingly evocative than that final conflagration, exquisitely controlled, flickeringly vivid. Times, Sunday Times
  • The book was so entrancing, so enwrapping that she found herself barely noticing as the wheels of the plane finally touched solid ground.
  • It felt like she had cast a spell on him, entrancing and beckoning him.
  • There were juggling acts that seemed to defy the laws of physics, entrancing Spanish musicians using their feet and weights attached to ropes to create a hypnotic rhythm.
  • During the alap (slow introductory movement) of ‘Shuddha Sarang,’ she displays a delightfully elaborate style, filled with entrancing slides and whining drones.
  • These new freedoms are entrancing, these limitless possibilities seem so innocent.
  • The spring season in New York is, happily and atypically, plump with demonstrations of such genre bending, with entrancingly wicked shows that extract the profane from the sacred and the rot from the pillars of society. February 2006
  • It hissed at him entrancingly, standing and drawing two wickedly curved scimitars from between its scales.
  • Dressed in an entrancing silver brocade gown, Lucy eagerly enfolded Rachel into an embrace.
  • This is both a dangerous and an entrancing, enchanting position.
  • antique papers of entrancing design
  • He can sight-read virtually anything, and has a unique sound: crystal-clear and entrancingly pure. Times, Sunday Times
  • Entrancings: gads, a scrab; the quality, one large shilling. Finnegans Wake
  • Ay, there must be something strangely entrancing in dragging the shoal waters with a hand-line, for unsuspicious, easily duped members of the acanthopterygian tribe of fishes, -- under which alarming denomination come, I believe, nearly all the finny fellows to be met with on these sand-banks, from the bluefish to the burgall. The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 07, No. 40, February, 1861
  • The light reflected off the stone, creating a golden glow he found entrancing.
  • They are as lovely to look at as they are entrancingly atmospheric. Times, Sunday Times
  • Even the emus are entrancing until they fix you with their beady stares.
  • The brief spaces in the entrancing melody offer glimpses of a lurking pressure.
  • The last short stories that succeeded in totally entrancing me were those contained in the first two books by him.
  • Here, alas, he has never set the heather ablaze, which is a pity because his work at its best is entrancing, even - dare we say it - galvanic.
  • Shipp's metallic chords against Brown's restless drumming and fitful swing are spine-tingling on Part Two, and his stately, harpsichord-like reverie entrancing on Part Three.
  • The trio have been together for five years and have won numerous Dolphin Awards in that time for their entrancing, acoustic-driven Oceanic soul.
  • In the Philippines, an entrancing healer, allegedly, has the ability to materialize and dematerialize matter.

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