How To Use Entrancement In A Sentence

  • Kabir is that rare thing: a skeptical, disillusioned poet who nevertheless speaks in a voice of rapture and entrancement. When Mysticism Came Down to Earth
  • Seeing it at the cinema is always both more powerful and ‘easier’ than watching it at home on video or DVD: it's far harder to summon the conditions for entrancement in a domestic space full of distractions and business.
  • Had the dream been an entrancement, or something new? Dreams of a Dark Warrior
  • There is more emotion, compelling storytelling and entrancement in a single flutter of foliage or the touch of a hand to a cheek in Reiniger's film than in the entirety of one of Ms. Walker's convoluted rape scenes. The Usual Suspects
  • The entrancement of this poem also began forty years ago for me, when I was in fact engaged in a life and death struggle between sleeping past and waking into my life.
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  • For whatever reason, be it entrancement or not, the strain had all but disappeared. Dreams of a Dark Warrior
  • After his hellish entrancement, Declan held a singular hatred for witches. Dreams of a Dark Warrior
  • Already, the field had turned away from its fiery adolescence, its entrancement with universal solutions and radical cures, and was grappling with fundamental questions about cancer. The Emperor of All Maladies
  • Is there a word for this mixture of entrancement and profound fear?
  • Sapphire sat entranced through all of it, though Rune suspected that half of her "entrancement" was another skill she had acquired; the ability to listen and appear fascinated by practically anything. The Lark And The Wren
  • Double-entry bookkeeping has rarely been described with such entrancement.
  • The experience must have reawakened his first entrancements with ballet.

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