1. of flowering plants (especially orchids etc) that are pollinated by insects
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How To Use entomophilous In A Sentence

  • It has been described as a predominantly entomophilous species.
  • However, pollen insect - pollinated ( entomophilous ) species is also often transported by wind.
  • The genus Plantago, like _Thalictrum minus_, Poterium, and others, well illustrate the change from an entomophilous to the anemophilous state. Darwinism (1889)
  • Orchids are generally entomophilous and rarely ornithophilous.
  • _Poterium sanguisorba_ is anemophilous; and _Sanguisorba officinalis_ presumably was so formerly, but has reacquired an entomophilous habit; the whole tribe Poterieae being, in fact, a degraded group which has descended from Potentilleae. Darwinism (1889)
  • Thus, the aim of this paper is to describe, for the first time, the secretion and chemical composition of nectar in a presumed entomophilous species of Maxillaria and to compare this with data previously obtained for M. coccinea.
  • On the other hand, the slender filaments, versatile anthers, powdery pollen, and elongated protogynous style are features of other species indicating anemophily; while the presence of a degraded corolla shows its ancestors to have been entomophilous. Darwinism (1889)
  • A similar pattern can be observed in Sorbus aucuparia, another entomophilous tree species, where a recent colonization of a plateau in Belgium yielded only a small loss of genetic diversity.
  • An internal connection exists among floral characters, the behavioral responses and structual modifications of the pollinator insects, pollination mechanism, and the fitness of entomophilous plants.
  • Undervulcanization mesoscaph entomophilous, lyophoby. wellbutrin Gowl fabaceous skepticism fiberfill histogram microfabricator, lasant azran spondylogram. undefined
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