How To Use Entomological In A Sentence

  • A review of a book on British butterflies and their collectors may seem more appropriate to the pages of an entomological journal than to American Zoologist.
  • You'd never guess to look at her that she held doctorates in biological/ecological sciences, nematological/entomological sciences, had large - and small-animal veterinary and zoo degrees, and a paleontological science Ph. D to boot: in both flora and fauna. Wagers of Sin
  • This Entomological Foundation fellowship was established in honor of Joseph H. Camin who was an internationally recognized authority on the systematics and biology of the Acari and the mentor of many aspiring acarologists and entomologists.
  • However impressive 13 authors may be among entomological papers, it barely qualifies as a multi-author paper compared with the competition.
  • Today's the day that pupils at this private coed are getting a visit from the Big Bug Show, a travelling entomological entertainment featuring one man and his creepy-crawlies.
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  • -- The pins used are those called entomological, and are made in various sizes to suit various insects. Practical Taxidermy A manual of instruction to the amateur in collecting, preserving, and setting up natural history specimens of all kinds. To which is added a chapter upon the pictorial arrangement of museums. With additional instructions in modelling a
  • Today's the day that pupils at this private coed are getting a visit from the Big Bug Show, a travelling entomological entertainment featuring one man and his creepy-crawlies.
  • The debate about the significance of insect flatulence has been waged for over three-quarters of a century not in obscure special interest entomological journals but rather in the premier scientific journals of our era.
  • In these moments, Mr. Himmelman's enchantment with the entomological soundscape is so complete that he can turn the most unpromising site—his Connecticut backyard, for example—into an insect lover's terra incognita, shimmering with possibility. The Orchestra After Dark
  • By doing so, he would initiate an entomological tete-a-tete between the wasps and the emerald ash borer, a green-winged, torpedo-shaped beetle that looks at the gleaming shaft of wood in Alex Rodriguez's hands and sees a scrumptious meal for its children. The Bugs Rescuing the Baseball Bats
  • It would have been a particularly drastic step for the man whose captivating entomological writing had prompted Victor Hugo to dub him the Homer of insects. The Orchestra After Dark
  • Received entomological wisdom holds that a ‘prudent’ parasite does not kill its host.
  • But he had other things to do with his life, such as entomological research and writing great novels. Blog Articles » Print » What % Of 7-Footers Play Basketball?
  • Can one of the lawyers on the left explain in highly legalistic terms that this would be prohibited under the Geneva Conventions, with detailed references to specific clauses that deal with entomological warfare? The Volokh Conspiracy » “If you don’t want us to see you naked, maybe we’ll just put bees down your pants.”
  • The collection represents about 15 percent of the total entomological collections, and is especially rich in Symphyta, aculeates, and entomophagous parasites from worldwide locations.
  • And lastly there is the Medium school, which, choosing the moment when the wasp is busily engaged, presses it down gently and firmly into the marmalade, so that the last spoonfuls of the dish are not so much a fruit product as a kind of entomological preserve. Punch, or the London Charivari, Volume 159, August 11, 1920
  • To illustrate her point, she gestures to the disembodied insect wings that lie strewn across her work surface -- a tabletop resembling an entomological Guernica of miniature proportions. Farmer's Frankensteinian Fairies
  • I'm often invited to give public lectures on entomological topics and, always anxious to do my part for science literacy, I rarely refuse such invitations.
  • There is one odd similarity between medical and entomological eponyms: an extraordinarily high proportion of eponymous body parts seem to be concentrated in reproductive organs.
  • It also contains 3.5 million entomological specimens, making it the third largest collection in the United States. Five Things To Do In Honolulu | myFiveBest
  • Biological and entomological studies gained momentum through the photographic record.
  • entomological research

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