How To Use Entebbe In A Sentence

  • (The “Raid on Entebbe” conversation was amusing and felt real … until they shouted out for a public vote on whether it was a common reference: that staginess felt a bit Friends to me.) Josh Wolk's Pop Culture Club talks 'Bored to Death': Ted Danson rules all |
  • Wasn't Entebbe where the Iraelis pulled off a brilliant raid of a skyjacked plane? Do We Need More Diane Abbotts?
  • Entebbe:a town of southern Uganda on Lake Victoria. at its airport in 1976 Israeli commando forces rescued most of the hostages held aboard an air France plane by Palestinian hijackers.
  • A traveler landed in Entebbe two days after the U.S. election to find a country electrified over Obama.
  • I landed at Entebbe Airport in Uganda on November 6, two days after the first African-American was elected president of the United States.

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