How To Use Entasis In A Sentence

  • Beard is rather dismissive of their optical sophistication, shown in the curvature of the stylobate and in the entasis of the columns — the slight outward swelling of a column designed to counter the optical illusion of concavity, were the columns 'sides to be perfectly straight. Looking for the Lost Greeks
  • The entasis from the temple of Mars Ultor in Rome compared with The Ten Books on Architecture
  • With regard to the enlargement made at the middle of columns, which among the Greeks is called [Greek: entasis], at the end of the book a figure and calculation will be subjoined, showing how an agreeable and appropriate effect may be produced by it. The Ten Books on Architecture
  • I have to use this entasis, because if you let the edges go straight, the frontal plane of the painting will shoot out at the corners.
  • Not only does this polysemy make it an enigmatic signifier, but the computer-perfected entasis makes it a good example of propositional beauty - the central planned skyscraper with elegant double curves shooting to the sky.
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  • And they are an illustration of what was a marked characteristic of all classic architecture, which shows a slight curvature or entasis in its long lines. Roman Mosaics Or, Studies in Rome and Its Neighbourhood
  • The entasis as given by Fra Giocondo in the edition of 1511. 2. The Ten Books on Architecture
  • The ancient Greeks used a technique known as entasis which incorporates a slight convexity in the columns of the Parthenon to compensate for the illusion of concavity created by parallel lines. EXTRALIFE – By Scott Johnson - Really cool collection of Illusions and Paradoxes
  • This peculiarity is a convexity, or _entasis_, as it is called, on the inner faces. Roman Mosaics Or, Studies in Rome and Its Neighbourhood
  • The entasis of this skyscraper, like that of a Doric column, leads to a new kind of propositional beauty, one worked out digitally.
  • I was reading a guide book which explained that the bulging of the columns 'base - known as entasis - is to counteract the well-known visual illusion that if you don't bulge them out in the middle, they appear waisted in the middle. undefined
  • These provide the slight entasis to the outline which is found in so many spires, as it is in classic columns, and is designed to correct the appearance of hollowness which would occur in so long a straight line. The Churches of Coventry A Short History of the City & Its Medieval Remains
  • The exaggeration in the entasis of the archaic column disappears, its tapering was diminished, its height increased, and the overhang of the capitals reduced, till in the Theseion (465 B. C.) and the Parthenon (450-438 B. C.) we reach the final inimitable type. The Legacy of Greece Essays By: Gilbert Murray, W. R. Inge, J. Burnet, Sir T. L. Heath, D'arcy W. Thompson, Charles Singer, R. W. Livingston, A. Toynbee, A. E. Zimmern, Percy Gardner, Sir Reginald Blomfield
  • This taper - the term for it is entasis - infuses the column with vitality.
  • The pillars of the exterior exhibit batter (lean slightly inward) and entasis (slight convex curvature near the middle).

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