[ US /ɛnˈteɪɫ/ ]
[ UK /ɛntˈe‍ɪl/ ]
  1. impose, involve, or imply as a necessary accompaniment or result
    What does this move entail?
  2. limit the inheritance of property to a specific class of heirs
  3. have as a logical consequence
    The water shortage means that we have to stop taking long showers
  1. land received by fee tail
  2. the act of entailing property; the creation of a fee tail from a fee simple
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How To Use entail In A Sentence

  • The pilots benefited from a great deal of on-the-job training, but the squadron's main contribution to the campaign entailed carrying dispatches and mail.
  • By virtue of the fact that analytic judgments are necessarily true, and given Kant's thesis that necessity entails apriority, it follows that all analytic judgments are a priori and that there is no such thing as an analytic a posteriori judgment. Kant's Theory of Judgment
  • Sometimes, deattributing an artwork does make it look a good deal worse - does entail serious value judgments as an essential critical role - and that can be good, too.
  • Dually, other irrelevant entailments are those that turn out to be valid just because the consequent is a necessary truth Impossible Worlds
  • When that course entails the social regulation of her sexual life in reproduction, the young woman's entry into intellectual life will necessarily be seen as transgressive.
  • This can entail harming companies that would be as efficient and as effective as Google is in these areas but for their limited access to consumers, creating a clear violation of Section 2 of the Sherman Act, of American law on monopolization, and on European competition law. Eric K. Clemons: One Click Away? Maybe and Maybe Not
  • Connected to this was a broader landscape of what loss might entail. Times, Sunday Times
  • As to the bid, it will entail huge borrowings and consequent cost cuts. Times, Sunday Times
  • It is argued that the chiefs need accommodation befitting their ranks and of reasonable size because their jobs entail some requirements to entertain foreign dignitaries. Times, Sunday Times
  • Probably essential attributes when your job entails dressing people. The Sun
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