How To Use Enquiringly In A Sentence

  • She turned to Ian enquiringly, as the boy scrabbled frantically on the floor looking for coins.
  • As the fisherman approaches, the falconer's spaniels look enquiringly at each other, and his whippet, all four paws at attention, stares respectfully at such an admirable salmon.
  • The electric bell burred softly again through the house, and the man heard it, and his eyes rested enquiringly on the door of the library.
  • What can be conspirative for an harley davidson 2007 that is sulkily wittingly, cumulatively tightly, and enquiringly careful? Rational Review
  • He stopped and looked enquiringly at Paula, who shrank back into the sofa cushions. HIDING FROM THE LIGHT
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  • The secretary at the desk outside Avery's room looked up enquiringly, but Ms Caporetto just shook her head. YESTERDAY'S SHADOW

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