1. of or relating to or consisting of enol
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How To Use enolic In A Sentence

  • The phenolic substrates studied were p-cresol, p-hydroxyphenyl propionic acid, tyramine, and L- and D-tyrosine.
  • A peroxidase/phenolics/ascorbate system can scavenge hydrogen peroxide in plants. Effects of ultraviolet-B on forest vegetation in the Arctic
  • They may be prepared by the reduction of nitro compounds in alkaline solution (using zinc dust and alkali, or a solution of an alkaline stannite as a reducing agent); by oxidation of hydrazo compounds; or by the coupling of a diazotized amine and any compound of a phenolic or aminic type, provided that there is a free para position in the amine or phenol. Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 3, Part 1, Slice 1 "Austria, Lower" to "Bacon"
  • The chemical compound quinone, or 1,4 - benzoquinone, is a unicyclic, or ring phenolic compound.
  • Varieties of morphology of carbon nanofibers are attributed to the complexity of coal-tar pitch and phenolic resin.
  • One of the 105-year-old company's biggest businesses is a group of resins with an important role in making tires: bonding plies of synthetic rubber with sticky balls of "phenolic tackifier" the company calls SP-1068. In China, Tire-Espionage Suit Treads Loudly
  • Analysis of the cytological and biochemical alterations associated with restriction of fungal growth in IC1270-induced plants revealed that IC1270 primes rice for enhanced attacker-induced accumulation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and autofluorescent phenolic compounds in and near epidermal cells displaying dense cytoplasmic granulation. BioMed Central - Latest articles
  • P. macrostachya seeds emit many phenolic and terpenoid volatiles, and the component geranyl linalool is shared among at least eight AG seed species PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles
  • An ester, methyl salicylate, familiar as oil of wintergreen, is also a phenolic compound.
  • It is possible that other soluble phenolics, possibly polyphenols, can be localized in the cytoplasm and in the nuclei and/or apoplast.
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