1. causing debilitation
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How To Use enfeebling In A Sentence

  • Meanwhile, the troika—the International Monetary Fund, the European Central Bank and the European Commission—trots from country to country, marveling at the accounting ingenuity of the countries that have been bailed out, tut-tutting at the failure of each to meet its targets, and recommending a heavier dose of the medicine that is enfeebling the patient. Southern Europe Could Learn From Ireland
  • Sin can triumph only by enfeebling the mind, and destroying the liberty of the soul.
  • To wait longer was to take the risk not only of a failing memory but of the motivation flagging, of an enfeebling of the affective power. Ballardian » ‘Le passé composé de J. G. Ballard’: JGB on Empire of the Sun
  • Nor do its oil-import costs have the same enfeebling effect, since China enjoys a positive balance of trade in part, at America’s expense. Michael T. Klare: America and Oil, Declining Together?
  • You wouldn't die of any particular illness, and you wouldn't gradually waste away under the spell of some awful, enfeebling disease that began years or decades earlier. A Doctor in Your Pocket
  • Hope is a curious medicine, healing and enfeebling simultaneously. What Matters Is Round
  • The plan proceeds expressly on the idea of enfeebling the regular executory power. The Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke, Vol. 01 (of 12)
  • No less worrisome, oil-importing countries like the United States, Japan, and many in Europe will face soaring bills for fuel imports, further enfeebling economies already suffering from profound weakness. Michael T. Klare: The Year of Living Dangerously: Rising Commodity Prices and Extreme Weather Events Threaten Global Stability
  • Does it take someone far from the Saudi financed think tanks along the Beltway and wealthy enough not to be influenced by the oiligopoly to face down the extortion inherent in the construct of today's oil prices, enfeebling the economy and costing Americans thousands upon thousands of jobs. Raymond J. Learsy: When It Comes to Gas Prices Donald Trump Trumps the Field
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