How To Use Enfeeblement In A Sentence

  • Driven by ever accelerating information technology and the greed of the affluent, this process is leading inexorably to an enfeeblement of the weak and alienation of the poor.
  • Another important form of classification emerged in 1896 with Emil Kraepelins model of dementia praecox, first used by Morel in 1860 and described as irrecoverable cortical brain disease producing a particular kind of mental enfeeblement in the young. Bedlam
  • What I am most worried about is a state of enfeeblement inexplicable in a man who is neither cancerous nor diabetical. Là-bas
  • To Emanuel, victory is the only thing, and rather than recognize the error of his ways and recalibrate, he is publicly declaring that the now widely-recognized enfeeblement of his boss's presidency is not his failure, but his vindication. Popping the Washington Post's Rahm Bubble
  • The unions have become like a resident Grandad - no less embarrassing for enfeeblement, but still handy with his wallet.
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  • What worries me is that there will be enfeeblement, helplessness, that I will go on for years unable to sense my decline, my lunacy, and oblivious to all my indignities.
  • When President Bush stands before Congress on Wednesday night to deliver his State of the Union address, it is a safe bet that he will not announce that one of his goals is the long-term enfeeblement of the Democratic Party. January 2005
  • What ought to lead France to join with America is the great enfeeblement of England to be effected by the subtraction of a third of her Empire. Robert Naiman: Could a "Great Negotiation" End the War in Afghanistan?
  • It is, however, simply a mark of the enfeeblement of Parliament that it now has the time to concern itself with froth and trivia. Give Us Back Our Country & Our County
  • They are better suited to the decimation and enfeeblement of vulnerable civilians than to destroying promptly an enemy's military units.
  • Based on these comments in the pages of Britain's leading conservative magazine, I will no longer bother to worry about the enfeeblement of Britain, the collapse of its sense of moral order, its inability to control drunken yobs in the streets of London and other cities, or its unwillingness to stand up against immigrant groups who would like nothing better than to cut every unbelieving throat in a single night. Tony Blair: The Next Labour Prime Minister?
  • Still it's surely worth pointing out that sterling's latest enfeeblement hasn't stopped U.K. insurer Prudential attempting the enormous feat of buying up AIG Weighing the Benefits of a Weak Pound
  • The result will be the further long-term enfeeblement of the United States, the country with which Canada has so closely tied and aligned itself. The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed
  • Influenza, cholera, and at last maculated fever, the progressive enfeeblement of economic life and new developments of human relationship, prevented that The Shape of Things to Come
  • As the French Foreign Minister wrote at the time to France's Ambassador to Spain: "What ought to lead France to join with America is the great enfeeblement of England to be effected by the subtraction of a third of her Empire. Robert Naiman: Could a 'Great Negotiation' End the War in Afghanistan?
  • But his enfeeblement was more than just a matter of poor health.
  • By those lights – see the reversed decisions to kill 6 Music and the Asian Network – the prospect of total loss is better at rallying public outrage than enfeeblement by a thousand cuts. It's the end of the road for BBC cuts – until next time
  • Once again, though with sympathy and concern this time, he was writing of a grave ailment: the pandemic enfeeblement in Australia's institutions of higher learning.
  • He dared not risk a fight with this young lightning-flash, and again he knew, and more bitterly, the enfeeblement of oncoming age. The Famine

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