How To Use Enfant terrible In A Sentence

  • Stu Ungar, who repeated as champion that year, was a coke-addled enfant terrible whose wavelength happened to be out of phase with that of the London man of letters.
  • At last Stephen Berkoff, the enfant terrible of Fringe theatre, has gone for the big one: a rewrite of the New Testament.
  • He became known as the enfant terrible of British theater.
  • His break with the bank has earned him a reputation as an enfant terrible who is inclined to stir up trouble wherever he goes.
  • He became known as the enfant terrible of British theater.
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  • Her advanced ideas have made her the enfant terrible of the art world.
  • But it's a movie dominated by Orson Welles - "tyro" and "enfant terrible" of the American theater. SplicedFeed
  • Known for his demanding personality, Steve Jobs is considered Silicon Valley's original enfant terrible.
  • The difficulty Ducis felt about translating Othello in consequence of the importance given to such a vulgar thing as a handkerchief, and his attempt to soften its grossness by making the M.or reiterate 'Le bandeau! le bandeau!' may be taken as an example of the difference between la tragedie philosophique and the drama of real life; and the introduction for the first time of the word mouchoir at the Theatre Francais was an era in that romantic - realistic movement of which Hugo is the father and M. Zola the enfant terrible, just as the classicism of the earlier part of the century was emphasised by Talma's refusal to play Greek heroes any longer in a powdered periwig -- one of the many instances, by the way, of that desire for archaeological accuracy in dress which has distinguished the great actors of our age. Intentions
  • In the tonneau was a matronly woman and three girls including "L'Enfant Terrible," all, Cap'n Abe, Storekeeper
  • He became known as the enfant terrible of British theater.
  • And we would feel constrained to confess ourselves poor diagnosticians if George Bernard Shaw, the enfant terrible of nimble wit in contemporaneous literature, succeeded in disproving the existence in himself of the same strain of blood as coursed in the veins of Heinrich Heine. The Social Disability of the Jew
  • At first glance there would seem to be few similarities between Jilly Cooper, the queen of bodice-ripping romance, Vivienne Westwood, fashion's enfant terrible, and Professor Richard Dawkins, scourge of religion. From David Attenborough to Delia Smith, the best of the grey power list
  • Her advanced ideas have made her the enfant terrible of the art world.
  • He became known as the enfant terrible of British theater.
  • I had seen his performances, and he represented what I would describe as bad choreography, in the sense that he was quite transgressive, an enfant terrible.
  • The enfant terrible has turned into the grand dame. Times, Sunday Times
  • The enfant terrible of the symbolist movement, he wrote some of the 19th century's most visionary and influential poetry and prose before abandoning writing at the age of 19.
  • Having consistently shocked his countrymen in print, the enfant terrible of French letters is now amusing them as an unlikely film star. Times, Sunday Times
  • Critics have him pigeonholed as ‘Flash Gordon,’ that postmodern enfant terrible who rocketed to stardom on the supercharged fireworks of the State of Illinois Building in 1985.
  • However, Singh has also long been seen as an enfant terrible, an incorrigible roué. There is something gratifying about such an image, and I don't particularly judge him for cultivating it.

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