1. the Uralic language spoken by the Yeniseian
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How To Use Enets In A Sentence

  • Our study showed that Kalarippayattu closely follows the tenets of plyometrics, which is why we decided to include it in the curriculum, "explained Singh. The Telegraph - Calcutta (Kolkata) - Frontpage
  • For 1, 000 years the indigenous Nenets people have migrated along the Yamal peninsula.
  • From this he adopted the name Plantagenet, and the kings who descended from him and ruled England for more than three hundred years are called the Plantagenets. Famous Men of the Middle Ages
  • Pursenets on their Holes, and put in a _Ferret_ close muzzled, and she will bolt them out (being a natural Enemy to them) into the Nets: Or blow on the suddain the Drone of a Bag-Pipe into the Burrows, and they will boult out: Or for want of either of these two, take powder of The School of Recreation (1684 edition) Or, The Gentlemans Tutor, to those Most Ingenious Exercises of Hunting, Racing, Hawking, Riding, Cock-fighting, Fowling, Fishing
  • The notion is irreconcilable to basic skeptic tenets.
  • But broadcasting was not closely attuned to the preferences of viewers, or to the basic tenets of efficient operation. The Media in Britain Today
  • They were Gentiles, who had given in adhesion to some of the tenets of Judaism. Death, the Law of Life
  • It's bad enough that George Bush has been willing, and able, to challenge and dismantle some of the most basic tenets of our American democracy - the system of checks and balances, an independent judiciary, and the right of a people to be free from government intrusion and persecution - but to see England fall prey to the same simple-minded authoritarian leanings is simply very sad. 01/16/2006
  • The best way to combat inflation is to stick to the basic tenets of sound investing.
  • African cibet and the Chinese and Indian zibet, yield), including the hyaena civet from the Cape of Good Hope: genets and ichneumons, which will be found on the lower shelves; and the Mexican house-marten. How to See the British Museum in Four Visits
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