How To Use Endogamy In A Sentence

  • It was resolved to launch a national campaign for the abolition of both the caste system and dowry because together they tended to reinforce the system of caste endogamy.
  • Kin networks, endogamy, and repeated affinal marriages were evident by the second generation, establishing patterns that persisted throughout the eighteenth century. Belongings: Property, Family, and Identity in Colonial South Africa
  • Social status was ascribed and sustained by class endogamy.
  • Though marriage outside the ethnic group was tolerated, these people practiced a high rate of endogamy, which strengthened family and community bonds.
  • The tribe often encourage endogamy out of the belief that it will help keep the tribal identity from being lost.
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  • In recent years, community and regional endogamy have declined.
  • The nobility sought to defend its privileged status against incomers by genealogical codification, strict endogamy, or legal barriers.
  • While not all practice cousin endogamy or engage in arranged marriages, most demonstrate a strong preference for religious endogamy in the selection of marriage partners.
  • Natural selection has determined that exogamy produces fitter progeny than endogamy. The Kempton-Wace Letters

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