How To Use End man In A Sentence

  • It would have been enough to send many Finnish boys running to the relative safety of cross-country skiing or even ice-hockey.
  • This weekend many pubs will be decked out in flags and banners and a growing number of councils are spending a small fortune on celebrations.
  • We boaters spend many times more dollars on our waterborne vessels than we do on our autos yet we are woefully unprotected when it comes to poor workmanship.
  • I live prety close to the able tasman park and it is paradise on earth where one can spend many weeks in such an enviroment. thank you for promoting this lovely country. lots of aroha from NZ Planet Debian
  • We spend many an afternoon shopping, drinking coffee and checking out the available talent.
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  • the end managed to hold onto the pass
  • He would have had to spend many hours with expensive and cranky machinery in order to make phonetic measurements to correlate with listener judgments.
  • This weekend many households will turn on the central heating for the first time since last winter. Times, Sunday Times
  • Ball was up to the challenge and used his low hard drives into the nick to end many rallies of his own.
  • If you don't attend many conferences you won't have noticed that it seems to be fashionable to give out rucksacks, backpacks and haversacks as freebies to delegates.
  • Furthermore, two short videos of the band at work in Hook End Manor studio last summer are also being streamed.
  • It is fully prepared for my reception, and I intend entering upon it at once, trusting that I may yet live to spend many quiet years in peaceful retirement.
  • “All persons attending the inaugural swearing-in ceremonies should be prepared to wait in long lines to be screened through security, and spend many hours outdoors, both before the event and for the length of time it may take for people to leave the Capitol grounds following the end of the ceremonies.” Ban on Strollers for Inauguration - The Caucus Blog -
  • The pain of her split with Brolin is clearly the inspiration for some lyrics, but the dedicated follower of celebrity gossip could spend many happy hours trying to figure out which of her other former beaus is implicated in the others.
  • If you don't attend many conferences you won't have noticed that it seems to be fashionable to give out rucksacks, backpacks and haversacks as freebies to delegates.
  • The other end manifests an array of long, filamentous rhizoids that have the appearance, and apparently serve the same function, as root hairs.
  • The campaign is part of a push to end Manchester's grimy industrial image and sell the city to the world as clean, green and modern.
  • If you don't attend many conferences you won't have noticed that it seems to be fashionable to give out rucksacks, backpacks and haversacks as freebies to delegates.
  • No matter how many times the CPU seemingly cheated, or a friend managed to utterly destroy me using a lameass starter deck, I kept putting the game back in.
  • Like other people throughout Spain, the Basques spend many leisure hours socializing with friends at tapas bars, which serve light food and drinks.
  • Server end manages the map information in data-base, chooses proper data sets and corresponding link units for client end, through creating long distance data organization.
  • Liquor industry representatives didn't disagree with the need for more funding, but said increasing gallonage taxes would hurt liquor stores and send many Kansans to buy in Missouri which has lower taxes. stories: News
  • Although I am a professional plantsman and spend many hours a week designing, planting, and reading about gardens, I have almost no experience with the eastern deciduous forest.
  • Irish men spend many of their hours in pubs, drinking beer or ale, playing darts, and socializing with their friends.
  • Her decision brought to an end many months of wrangling with some of the neighbours, who claimed her cats were fouling their gardens and making their lives hell.
  • He turned to a life of petty thievery when his friend managed to steal a gold coin from a weary traveler.
  • · The need to 'sift' the materials coming from China to screen out the bad while encouraging the high end manufacturers that produce superior quality ingredients. NutraIngredients-USA RSS
  • Yet while they sing naturally, songbirds are also trained by their owners, who spend many hours whistling tunes at them, or playing birdsong on tape as examples to follow.
  • Now, several high-end manufacturers are making the soundbar a sought-after item.
  • Well Miss Mollie I had a good laugh at the Sergt Maj When I told him what you wrotehe is such a modest young man, it made him blush. he is perfectly carried a way and if you send many more such messages to him he will go up the Spot. but I have not much fears about you & his Lordship [unclear: getting] married for this reason. he is so very diffident and your shiness of man; Will make it a matter of impossibility to get up a match With out calling in the Third person & of course that Will be my self, of course, and of course, you Will find out that I will do all in my Power to brake up the match as I have an Intrist in your future Welfare myself. Augusta County: James H. Blakemore to Mary Anna Sibert, September 11, 1864
  • It is normal practise to suspend many legal protections during wartime.
  • In addition, an architect may spend many hours developing a design that is expressly tailored to both your needs and your building site.
  • ‘It's going to be that much harder to recommend Manchester as an investment location to footloose corporates,’ he said.
  • Yet no one can deny that God foreknew what end man was to have before he created him, and consequently foreknew because he so ordained by his decree… God not only foresaw the fall of the first man, and in him the ruin of his descendants, but also meted it out in accordance with his own decision. Why I am not a Calvinist « Anglican Samizdat
  • As far as actual resources for reading yourself, I'm afraid I can't recommend many: this is because most of my beliefs were shaped through being very questioning, impartation from the community, and learning through experience.
  • I think it's important we defend manfully. Times, Sunday Times
  • Australia is not a big enough market for us, so as well as expanding land-based exports to China and the rest of East Asia, we send manufactures and services to the US and Europe.
  • European bourses ended the week in the red yesterday, but the Irish market bucked the trend managing to stay ahead throughout the day's trading.
  • The result is an unusual approach to a plot line – we spend many chapters being introduced to the (literal) dregs of the PUV Navy, asthe PUV Naval brasssends each castoff, criminal or mutineer to go serve on the Crypt, whichhas a reputation of killing off itscrew. The Crypt, by Scott Sigler « Third Point of Singularity
  • Actually touching a whale is the big aim for all the tourists and they seem to spend many hours trying to do just that. Miraculous Air: A Journey of a Thousand Miles through Baja California, the Other Mexico by C. M. Mayo
  • A major countermanded the order at the last moment and she lived - only to spend many subsequent years under house arrest. Charles Redfern: A Pre-fab Candidate With Pre-fab Pronouncements for a Pre-fab Country
  • MPs spend many hours listening to the real or imagined grievances of their constituents.
  • In his buttonhole was a piece of blue ribbon, symbol of a ferocious total-abstinence; his face would have afforded sufficient proof that among the reverend man's failings were few distinctly of the flesh. Denzil Quarrier
  • The man's girlfriend managed to escape unhurt.
  • Gravesend manager Andy Ford has no fresh injury concerns or suspensions to worry about.
  • The man's girlfriend managed to escape unhurt.
  • Her friend Mandy used to support Leeds but has transferred her loyalties to Scarborough after moving to the resort from Hull.

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