1. restrain or bind with chains
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How To Use enchain In A Sentence

  • The five-peak enchainment encompassed Black Tooth, Woolsey, the Gargoyle, Innominate, and the whaleback of Cloud Peak.
  • Not merely do the scrunching squeaks of the break, the blasty trumpet whistle, the slamming of doors, and the squalling of children bewilder his brain and bedeafen his ears, but the iron tyrant enchains and confuses his eyes. Lands of the Slave and the Free Cuba, the United States, and Canada
  • Arrino was a man who did as he pleased, who answered to no one - not even me - so how had he ended up enchained by the laws of social convention that he had always been contemptuous of?
  • But so long as it remains enchained to ancient doctrines, so long as the faithful believe these have the force of law, so long as believers surrender their conscience to the dictates of popes, imams, or other God-channelers, then the harm religion does will outweigh the good. Clay Farris Naff: What Westboro Baptist Got Right
  • But to me the novels were enchaining, enthralling; and to hint a defect in them stunned one. The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 07, No. 43, May, 1861 Creator
  • Venus, accompanied by her Games and Pleasures disguised as sailors, invites mortals to accompany them, and in fact has her cupids enchain the lovers with garlands of roses.
  • By the time he wrote his preface, he had come to the conclusion that, ’… to enchain syllables, and to lash the wind, are equally the undertakings of pride.’
  • But though the books were never so interesting, and never so full of novelty to Tom, they could not so enchain him, in those mysterious chambers, as to render him unconscious, for a moment, of the lightest sound. The Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit
  • This was all posted last evening at bloggerspot, buzznet had the chikungunya flu, but it recovered and that is the magic of haldane, gives you pleasure and also pain .. and our balls to buzznet enchain. .it pours love when it acid rains. .multi colored light and blood stained window panes .. posted 11 oct 2006 2006 December 18 « bollywoods most wanted photographerno1
  • But to dismiss it as unnatural is to forbid it, drive it even further underground, and enchain the world as the perpetually dangerous place that George F. Will and his "realistic" reactionary cohorts suppose it to be. Stephen Mo Hanan: Where There's a Will There's a Won't
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