How To Use Empurple In A Sentence

  • She sent me the red rose we called hers, her type and symbol, to wear inside my wedding dress - I have it still, a few petals empurpled with age, pressed inside an old locket.’
  • Charles pointed at the largest of the humpy islands that had once been empurpled in the sunset. Here Comes Another Lesson
  • Intended as ironic, this remark empurpled the anti-anti-Communists who predominated on the intellectual left.
  • Higher and higher wheels the great sun, driving the river mist before it and sending down through the softly whispering foliage a thousand shafts of burnished gold that seek out the violet, drain the nectareous dewdrop from its chalice and kiss the grape until its youthful sap changes to empurpled blood beneath the passionate caress. The Complete Works of Brann the Iconoclast, Volume 1.
  • She turned, her wild sow-eyes glowing back over her shoulder and her empurpled lips puckered a moment.
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  • The Minotaur lumbered across a rusty bog empurpled with heather. Here Comes Another Lesson
  • The blood ran away and empurpled her thigh.
  • The big production paintings, like Winter Timber (2008) — actually many separate canvases fitted together in postproduction — are stagy, and you may tire of its empurpled sweetness. The Unconfounding Delight of David Hockney
  • You know that sickening feeling of inadequacy and over-exposure you feel when you look upon your own empurpled prose? We don’t need no stinking rules « Write Anything
  • The blood ran away and empurpled her thigh.
  • Night fell, though even from our balcony we could see little of the empurpled sky, nothing at all of the stars, Allie and Ta-Den dressing up in glitter, riding the elevator down and running out onto the casino floor with glad cries, cries of _Slots! New Race
  • The look on the empurpled face of the director as he expostulated on this ‘craven surrender’ for Channel Four news was such a laugh.
  • Cheeks empurpled, spit launching in all directions, eyes afire with outraged vanity, the Colonel will have none of your treachery.
  • I seem to see the spears of mighty horsemen flash golden in the light; empurpled banners flame afar, and the low thunder of marching hosts thrills with the thunder of the sea. DARKWATER
  • a writer of empurpled literature
  • Ere I hid my head she was standing in her cavern halls, glowing coldly westward—her feet were blackness: her robes, empurpled, flowed mistily from shoulder down in formless folds of folds; her head, pine-crowned, was set with jeweled stars. DARKWATER
  • The blood ran and empurpled her thigh.
  • Turning 50 is a cause for sombre reflection, not celebration," opined Norris and, as a flurry of firemen attempted to free her empurpled cranium, shame descended once more. World Of Lather

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