How To Use Empty-headed In A Sentence

  • For much of the play, the kidnappers, and the student rebels to a lesser degree, are portrayed as empty-headed buffoons.
  • In the midst of all this pathetic, empty-headed and incredibly dull nonsense, I offer you some photos I took late on Christmas Eve.
  • She comes across as an empty-headed, weak woman in all this hoopla over her book.
  • As vacant as the empty picture frames that adorn its set, this is an empty-headed attempt at romantic comedy.
  • In many games on the market today, women are portrayed as empty-headed bimbos that need saving, all the while wearing little more than a handkerchief.
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  • After all, she was not unattractive; a bit empty-headed perhaps, but quite amusing at times. FINAL RESORT
  • The sight of this empty-headed dandified "masher" embittered me, and I reminded him rather brutally of ten shilling he had borrowed from me. Hunger
  • In this episode the merry band of plastic surgeons valiantly strives to rescue empty-headed bimbos who want to ‘look 17 for ever‘.
  • Dunst finds the hidden depths in her character and reasons to be sympathetic towards a woman who might initially seem little more than an empty-headed good-time girl.
  • An empty-headed outrage that achieved the usual zilch and is now well forgotten of course, but that's not the point.
  • All of her mother's friends were rich and air-headed, and so were their husbands, so it was no wonder that their children were empty-headed nitwits with no sense of humor and an extreme lack for adventure.
  • It confirmed my suspicion that, at its extremes, there is a competitive, empty-headed cultishness about meditation. Times, Sunday Times
  • A more useless, empty-headed crowd of saddos I've seldom, if ever, met.
  • ‘My view is that she would not have married him… the surface charms of this empty-headed playboy would soon have worn off,’ he said.
  • And yet you know this is just more empty-headed piffle.
  • If you're a shy, sensitive person, you could be branded as suffering from avoidant personality disorder, while the empty-headed extrovert in the next office is seen as a model of mental fitness.
  • Mother appears to be an empty-headed bourgeoise, only interested in her appearance, her clothes, and seeing her daughters married.
  • She comes across as an empty-headed, weak woman in all this hoopla over her book.
  • As I say, the young are high-strung, nervous, excitable; the middle - aged are empty-headed, stolid, and stupid. THE GHETTO
  • At worst, he was a weak-willed, empty-headed, partially-recovered alcoholic led around by powerful, evil-minded, self-serving, greasy little schemers like Dick Cheney who led us into war for no larger reason than their own greed and vanity. OMG! Knit dinosaurs playing guitar!
  • He's no empty-headed pop culture cheerleader, though - he takes a lexicographer's delight in language, and is a self-confessed history geek.
  • If you utter your opinions in public, you will set half the country against you; if you utter no opinions at all, you will be scoffed at as empty-headed.
  • Never anything less than her own woman, this ferociously independent-minded and intelligent Scot is very far removed from the cliché of an empty-headed actress.
  • All image, no substance, she was the perfect empty-headed icon for an empty-hearted, image-obsessed society.
  • Vain and empty-headed though Krentzman was, he was also harmless, and in his inept way, tender. THE GREAT AND SECRET SHOW
  • And yet you know this is just more empty-headed piffle.
  • She was always keen to shake off the early typecasting as the empty-headed sex symbol.
  • His Franz was an incorrigible flirt, but not completely empty-headed or cold-hearted.
  • When uncle Billy, in one of his characteristic empty-headed gestures, accidentally lost his score, the one that would redeem him from undeserved obscurity, something broke in him and he ran screaming out into the streets, meandering aimlessly, meaningless sounds burbling from his lips until he wound up here, on the bridge, teetering over the edge on the verge of a long, life-crushing fall into the dark waters below. The envelopes
  • He's not ready to be C-in-C of the greatest nation on earth, pls NC lets stop this Barrack Husein Obama from talking his way through (empty-headed) to the white house ... Clinton faces uphill battle in North Carolina
  • I have no doubt the K Girls are lovely, personable, and hard-working... at this point they have to be to prove they're not just empty-headed Empresses prancing around with no clothes. Lorraine Devon Wilke: You're Not Keeping Up With The Kardashians Either
  • In many games on the market today, women are portrayed as empty-headed bimbos that need saving, all the while wearing little more than a handkerchief.
  • The Concise Oxford Dictionary says that "fool" in its usual sense is Middle English, from Old French, from Latin 'follis' meaning 'bellows or empty-headed person'. July recipe: Gooseberry fool
  • Please, ....... just more fairytale drivel from the empty-headed rightwing of this country. SC Republican gov candidate jabs Sanford in announcement
  • A more useless, empty-headed crowd of saddos I've seldom if ever met.
  • The scene is commonplace enough; twaddle and tea, after tennis; "frivolling" -- it is their word; women too empty-headed and men too tired to do anything else. Appearances Being Notes of Travel
  • The description "a creature of the left, with little ability to make moral distinctions" is the sound of a empty-headed conservative phrasemonger who has used up all the negative polemic in the store and is desperately searching for a new insult. The New Republic - All Feed
  • Ace had this sort of stupid, empty-headed look on his face.
  • I have been around them enough to know that your mother is a manipulative gossip, and your sisters are empty-headed and vapid.
  • Ban the bulb is a no-brainer, only this time the empty-headed variety. Banning the Light Bulb | Impact Lab
  • That's not to say the film is empty-headed escapism.
  • Like all reality shows, it quickly turns its attention to the Jacuzzi, and here, at least one measure of equality is achieved: Gay men turn out to be just as distasteful and empty-headed as all the straight people on reality TV. Logo's 'A-List: New York' is a poor excuse for a social study
  • We not only worship empty-headed celebrities, we elect them to the highest office in the state.
  • If empty-headed bully-boy Cameron represents the British cultural attributes we should be aspiring to integrate ourselves into, God of whatever creed help us all! Multiculturalism: Mr Cameron's crude caricature solves no problems | Observer editorial
  • Not every woman is a shallow, empty-headed twit.
  • He wasn't really surprised, since he had quickly come to the realization that most of his class was composed of ditzy, empty-headed folk.
  • Some books, even empty-headed memoirs, cannot fail to sell.
  • This is pure flim flam appealing to none but the empty-headed - just about Sally's intellectual level.
  • She says that it suits her for people to see her as an empty-headed blonde.

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