[ UK /ˈɛmpti/ ]
[ US /ˈɛmpti, ˈɛmti/ ]
  1. needing nourishment
    after skipped lunch the men were empty by suppertime
    empty-bellied children
  2. emptied of emotion
    after the violent argument he felt empty
  3. holding or containing nothing
    an empty room
    full of empty seats
    empty hours
    an empty glass
  4. devoid of significance or force
    empty promises
    vacuous comments
    a hollow victory
  1. a container that has been emptied
    return all empties to the store
  1. excrete or discharge from the body
  2. become empty or void of its content
    The room emptied
  3. make void or empty of contents
    Empty the box
    The alarm emptied the building
  4. leave behind empty; move out of
    You must vacate your office by tonight
  5. remove
    Empty the water
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How To Use empty In A Sentence

  • It is by these special touches that the author infuses the books with the spirit of humanity, without which a fantasy becomes an empty fancy.
  • An empty plastic 2 litre bottle is tied to a rock, or bag of stones with strong twine or string.
  • He slowly depressed the plunger and once the syringe was empty, withdrew the needle and stepped back.
  • We cannot support all the shops we have already, so a few more very expensive units can only remain empty and unused.
  • The cats were then taken out of the room for 15 minutes, and the four bowls were replaced with identical empty ones. Times, Sunday Times
  • For the last five years, he's been a fixture on Houston street corners begging for money, a life Edwards describes as dehumanizing and empty. CNN Transcript Mar 29, 2009
  • But when he returned to his room to give his other half the glad tidings, the housekeeper, who was listening to the story, interrupted to tell them that she knew of plenty of empty rooms.
  • The software is also a great customization solution for those who would like to alter the look and feel of the Finder, Dock and login window, making it easy to prebind and re-prebind their entire system or selected folders, run cron scripts, change startup mode and language, force empty trash, update "whatis," locate databases, and so on. Softpedia News - Global
  • The "freedom to learn" has become just another one of the government's empty slogans.
  • You shouldn't take the pills on an empty stomach.
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